Data is all around us

Our world has become driven by data, and nothing is more critical than finding out exactly what is going on around you. When it comes to marketing, there’s now ample opportunity to dive into rich data analytics to drive major business decisions. No longer do you have to make choices by either guessing or using your gut and hoping for the best. Data lets you strike gold, without all the digging. Eureka!

The beauty of digital marketing and in particular social media marketing, is that it has enabled businesses to delve into ample and informative analytics, giving access to a world of information which was not available a few years ago. Data can tell us exactly how people interact with your brand, how they access and use your website and what they are saying about you in the online community.

Analytics also tells you exactly who your customer is and how you can best serve their needs and desires. You can answer questions they’ve asked, provide them with information on something they’ve requested or help them accomplish a task online. Whatever it may be, a business is clearly missing a big opportunity if they aren’t truly learning from their analytics.

One roadblock many business leaders may face is the fact that when it comes to analytics, there’s a lot to understand with a fair bit of marketing jargon thrown in. Don’t despair – we have listed some key terms and explained them so you don’t have to be a marketing processional to understand them. These terms spread across all digital platforms within a strategy including social, web and paid SEM.

Conversions: A conversion is when a user has taken a desired action on your campaign. This may be commenting on a social post, a retweet or something else that you’ve asked them to do, like fill in an online form, signing up on your website or clicking through to a link you’ve provided.

Engagement: This is the number of unique people who have interacted with your content in some way. This can include clicks, likes, comments or shares

Reach: This is the number of people who had your content on their screen from being live, and can be broken down by total, organic and promotions.

Impressions: The number of times your content is displayed, regardless of it being clicked or not. There is often confusion between reach and impressions – a user may see your content more than once, hence the larger number of impressions. Even if that user saw your content multiple times, the reach count would remain at 1 for that user.

Bounce rate: The percentage of page visitors who click the link on your content only to quickly leave the page without taking any action. If you have a low bounce rate this generally means that your campaigns are targeting the right audience and in turn driving high-value traffic.

Click-through rate (CTR): Is the percentage of people who clicked on the call-to-action link.  This may be a link to your website or whatever you are promoting in that particular campaign. CTR is not to be confused with other engagement actions such as shares, likes or comments- your CTR is specifically tied to a link that brings your audience to additional content. It’s important to keep an eye on CTR as it will give you a valuable insight into how successful your content is to your target audience.

Cost-per-click (CPC): Is the amount you pay per individual click on your advertised content.

Referral traffic: Refers to the visitors of your site that come from direct links on other websites/platforms rather than directly or from searches.

While one marketer may prefer some metrics over another, the key is to choose the metrics that provide you and your business the data and information you need to make the right business decisions. One indicator may be a lot more powerful in your industry than someone else’s so use your business nous and follow the trends most likely to succeed for you.

Now that you have an idea on the different types of social metrics and have they can be a huge benefit to business success, it’s time to get measuring and tracking!

Take a look at our resources to find all the key data terms all marketers should know.

The Social Culture-Issue #28

Another month has flown by and there is no stopping social media either! Tik Tok is growing by the second and has more downloads than Facebook and Instagram. Instagram is hopping on the short form video bandwagon, creating a video editing tool of their own and if you haven’t heard of AI influencers you will now! These computer generated characters are on the rise and may begin to pop up in your timeline more and more. For the full social roundup, continue reading below.

Facebook launches meme generating app called…Whale

Facebook is at it again with another ‘genius’ idea to try and stay connected with the younger Gen. Their latest project is an app called ‘Whale’ which enables users to create their own memes with simple to use templates and tools. Users can take a photo, select a picture from their camera roll, or browse the app’s library of stock images in order to create a meme. Meme creators can customize their images by adding emojis, text, effects and filters. Currently the app is only available in Canada but could possibly hit Australia at some point if all things go well. However, we’d recommend not getting your hopes up for Facebook’s latest experiment, given their track record- especially after their previous meme app, ‘LOL’, flopped. To find out more about Facebook’s new meme generating app click here.

Tik Tok: What you need to knowTik Tok has now hit 1.5 billion downloads – and no we’re not talking about the song by Ke$ha…The short form video app is now the third most downloaded, non-gaming app of the year – beating Facebook and Instagram! Growing at a phenomenal rate, the time is ticking for marketers to jump on board the Tik Tok train before it’s too late. Thinking your brand could benefit from the highly addictive, video platform? We’ve compiled the top things you should know about Tik Tok to stay ahead of the game and your competitors, find out more here!

Instagram launches Tik Tok clone! 

Speaking of Tik Tok, Insta has jumped on the bandwagon by launching its own version, ‘Reels’. Instagram Reels lets you make 15-second video clips set to music and share them to Stories, with the potential to go viral on the “top Reels” section new to Explore. Just like Tik Tok, users can soundtrack their Reels with a wide selection of music, or use audio from other user’s videos to create a remix of the meme. Reels is currently only available in Brazil but could have the potential to be rolled out to other countries depending on its success. For more info on Reels, click here.

The rise of Virtual Influencers

Love them or hate them but influencers are here to stay…however there is a new type of influencer that is making its way up the influencer chain – AI influencers. If you didn’t already know, virtual influencers come in all shapes and sizes, from looking so real that you can’t tell they are fake, to cartoonish Sim-like characters which seem like they don’t belong on your Insta feed. However, no matter what your opinion on these so called influencers are, there is no doubt that they are rising. In fact, a new report suggests that they have almost three times more engagement than real influencers! Brands are already jumping on board to work with these influencers and it will be interesting to see how many more AI influencers will pop up on Insta. Will we be second guessing who is even real on our timelines in the future? To find out more about these virtual reality influencers, click here!

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The Social Culture-Issue #27

With spooky season coming to a close, it’s time for our monthly roundup of all things social media! This month, the iconic RISE AND SHINE was born from Kylie Jenner, bringing a multitude of memes across the Internet. Facebook began rolling out a news tab on its mobile app and Instagram is making it easier for creators to share their own series on IGTV. Continue reading below for the full monthly roundup.

Facebook News Is Coming

Facebook has begun testing a new home for news in its mobile app called ‘Facebook News’ which will host news from big publishers including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and BuzzFeed. It looks like Facebook is paying some, but not all, participating publishers for their work, offering a new revenue stream for the media industry. The ‘News’ tab will offer personalised news based on what you have previously read, so you can be sure content will be relevant to you! For more info on Facebook’s news tab, click here!

It’s Time To Jump On Board With TikTok

TikTok has exploded in the past couple of months and if you haven’t downloaded the app you are seriously missing out! If you’re not familiar with the app, TikTok is similar to Vine where users post short, highly engaging videos that have the potential to go viral. Videos can be up to 15 seconds long with users also being able to connect multiple clips together for up to 60 seconds. There is definitely potential for brands to jump on board with TikTok and interact with their target audience in fun and creative ways. Here are 8 ways you can utilize TikTok in your marketing strategy!

IGTV Series Is Here! 
This month Instagram rolled out a new tool to help creators start their own IGTV series. Viewers can now binge-watch their favourite series from creators and subscribe to receive notifications each time an episode is released. The new tool is designed to give creators a chance to produce ongoing, long-form video content on IGTV instead of other platforms such as YouTube or Snapchat. The new tool lets creators organise their videos on a separate page including a badge with the series name to separate it from other IGTV videos. When a viewer watches an episode in the series, the next episode will automatically be recommended to continue watching. For more info on how to set up an IGTV series, click here!

Facebook stats declining? Here’s why

Frustrated that your Facebook stats are not looking so hot recently? Facebook has recently changed the way it calculates Page impressions, meaning it now filters out repeat views from the final count – ultimately making your impressions drop. In a nutshell, Facebook is updating the time frame for which they filter out repeat organic impressions from the same person. Don’t fret about this recent change, click here to find out how to keep your social stats looking good all year round.

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The Social Culture-Issue #26

September saw social platforms announce some exciting tools including Facebook’s new interactive ads, and Insta’s new product tags that will be very useful for product launches! Speaking of Insta, the social platform just created an account specifically for content creators and influencers, which is definitely one to add to your following list, as they will be releasing helpful tips and insights on how to grow your channel. It’s not just for influencers, social media marketers should jump on board too in order to stay ahead of the trends and upcoming changes. Continue reading below for the top updates in social that you should know!

Facebook Launches New Interactive Ads

Facebook has announced their new ad formats including video polls and the expansion of AR ads. Polls are a great way to interact with your audience, and encourage them to tag their friends and family to participate increases the reach of your post. Definitely one to keep in mind for your social advertising strategy! Another cool ad option is Facebook’s AR feature, which is currently being tested with select make-up brands in the US. In these ads, users are able to “try on” a makeup product through their phone camera to see what it would look like on. Although it is only used by makeup brands at the moment, it will be interesting to see whether these tools expand into different industries to help showcase what variations or products would look like in real life. For more info on Facebook new ad options, click here!

Listen Up Insta Creators – This New Account Is For You

Attention all Insta content creators and influencers! Instagram has just released a new account called, ‘creators’, which shares helpful tips and tricks for growing your account. Heads up, the account specifically notes that it cannot help you get that blue tick of verification and also notes that the chronological feed won’t be coming back anytime soon! If you’re an influencer or social media marketer you should definitely give them a follow to stay on top of your Insta game. For more info on Instagram’s new account, click here

Instagram Releases New Product Tags To Help You Shop Easier On The App

This month, Instagram has confirmed it is experimenting with increasing ad volumes in Stories to learn how people and advertisers respond! The test will involve running ads from two different advertisers back-to-back within a Story to a small group of users. All advertisers are eligible to be part of the test. While this allows more ads to be shown there is the potential for ad fatigue by users if back to back story ads become a regular experience on the platform. This means it is more important than ever for your brand to be creative in your content and capture your audience’s attention within the first five seconds in order to stand out from the rest. For more info, click here

Facebook Is Saying Cya Later To Likes

Facebook is jumping on the bandwagon of getting rid of Likes, following Instagram who removed them back in July. While they haven’t been officially removed yet, Zuckerberg and co have quietly planted a “likes-hiding” code in Facebook’s Android app. If and when it comes into play, Facebook users will still be able to see who has reacted to the post, but will no longer see the total number of people who have reacted. For most marketers, Facebook’s Like hiding tests have been well received, however some influencers have not been fans of the change. One thing for sure is that removing likes has forced content creators to look at the quality of content their creating and allows for them to produce content that they want to make rather than content that will simply generate Likes. Click here to read more about the effects of social platforms removing Likes.

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The Social Culture-Issue #25

What another crazy month for social! Here at the m4m office we have been absolutely obsessed with Tik Tok and have learned all about the advertising possibilities that brands can jump on… An app to keep in mind when pulling together your social strategy as well as where to possibly put some of your digital spends! Other updates we saw include, new marketing tools in Facebook messenger and a new messaging app by Instagram! For our full monthly social roundup, continue reading below!

New Business Tools For Facebook Messenger  

Facebook has just recently announced a range of updates for its business tools on Messenger including, new lead generation automation options and appointment booking functions! You will now be able to create lead generation flows where you can continue the conversation with prospects directly in the app and integrate with existing CRM tools to track leads. Another exciting feature is the ‘book now’ option which allows your target audience to book an appointment through the app. This new feature will be made available later during the year, but if you’re interested you can apply to be on the beta waitlist. For more info click here!

Instagram’s New Messaging App, ‘Threads

Instagram is currently in the works of a new messaging app which aims to put more focus on maintaining connections between close friends. When it comes to messaging apps, this is not Instagram’s first rodeo. Their previous messaging app, Direct, was shut down earlier this year after it struggled to gain popularity in key markets. The new app called Threads is designed to be a companion app to Instagram that invites users to automatically share their location, speed, and battery life with friends along with the typical text, photo and video messages using Instagram’s creative tools. The app, designed for sharing with your “close friends” list on Instagram, is now being tested internally at Facebook! Creepy? Maybe but also handy if you are needing wanting to keep in contact with your friends! Click here for more info.

Instagram Is Upping The Amount Of Ads In Your Stories!

This month, Instagram has confirmed it is experimenting with increasing ad volumes in Stories to learn how people and advertisers respond! The test will involve running ads from two different advertisers back-to-back within a Story to a small group of users. All advertisers are eligible to be part of the test. While this allows more ads to be shown there is the potential for ad fatigue by users if back to back story ads become a regular experience on the platform. This means it is more important than ever for your brand to be creative in your content and capture your audience’s attention within the first five seconds in order to stand out from the rest. For more info, click here!

Spotify Is Working On Stories For Playlists

Social media sleuth Jane Manchun Wong, well known for revealing upcoming app features, has made another recent discovery… Spotify is currently working on adding stories to playlists! Users can open the playlist story by tapping the profile picture on the playlist page. So far, it looks just like any other story layout like Facebook and Instagram. A snippet of music is played after each story, which users could save to their library by tapping the Heart button. Click here to read more about Jane’s discovery on her blog!

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The Social Culture-Issue #24

What a month for social! We can definitely say the biggest change was Instagram hiding ‘like counts’, which had influencers up in arms! It’s hard to say if it will stick on the platform, as it is currently in its ‘test’ phase in a select few countries, but it is definitely something we are learning to get used too. Other updates include a new sticker on Instagram stories, and a new tool to create Snapchat ads. Also, if you’ve ever wondered just how much influencers make on Instagram, a new report was released this month showing how much you should expect to pay to promote your product.

Continue reading to find out the top social media updates.

Instagram Removes Like Counts!

The pug’s reaction above is exactly how we felt when we noticed that Instagram has removed ‘like counts’ from posts! While we have gotten used to it now, some influencers are still not happy about the recent change. Instagram has expanded its initiative of hiding ‘public like counts’ to Australia, having previously trialled it in places such as Canada, New Zealand and Brazil. Instagram announced the removal of ‘like counts’ to reduce competition on the platform, and to make users feel more comfortable posting content reducing the pressure and need to ‘tally’ likes. Individuals can still see their total ‘like count’, with businesses still having access to their posts insights. It will be interesting to see the overall effect on not having ‘like counts’ – will it increase platform users willingness to like a post, or will it reduce it? Time will only tell, and we are curious to see any additional changes that may arise! Click here to read more.

Snapchat launches ‘instant’ tool for creating vertical ads

Snapchat is once again hoping to attract new advertisers to their platform by launching a new tool called Instant Create. Potential advertisers may not be used to creating ads in a mobile-friendly, vertical format that Snapchat has popularized, so their latest tool is designed to make the process as simple as possible. In three steps advertisers can create their adverts within Snapchat’s ad manager by choosing their advertising objective, uploading creative assets and determining a budget and audience. For more info on how to set up a Snapchat advert using Instant Create, click here!

Instagram rolls out new ‘chat’ sticker

Over the past year, we’ve had almost one new Story feature a month, with only a few exceptions, and this month we received a new chat sticker! The latest sticker allows people to ask their followers to join a new group chat and then gives the poster the power to select who can join. Instagram has been positioning this new feature as a solution for people who want to have a big group conversation about something or for making plans. For more info on how to use the chat sticker, click here!

Just how much do Instagram influencers make?

Whether you like it or not, an ‘influencer’ is an actual job title in 2019, with some people questioning how anyone could dedicate all of their time and energy to an Instagram page. On the other hand if you’re a marketer you might be wondering just how much you have to pay an influencer to promote your product on a single post. A team at Hopper has compiled a report to show how much you would have to pay these Insta celebs to promote your product. At the top of the list is Kylie Jenner, that would cost you over $1 million to have your product in the arms of Kylie, for one single post! You might get a rude shock at just how expensive some of the most popular account costs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find micro influencers at a lower cost who can still help drive sales results. For the full Instagram’s ‘Rich List’, click here!

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The Social Culture-Issue #23

The fast paced world of social media marketing is changing all the time. Staying up-to-date with the latest development on social is an important aspect impacting the success of your campaigns! We’ve made it easier for you, by compiling a monthly update of the top social media updates. In June we saw Instagram begin to roll out ads in the Explore feed and a new tool for creating stop motion. YouTube also announced it was working on a new AR feature that lets you try on makeup whilst watching your fav beauty vloggers! 

Continue reading to find out the top social media updates.

Instagram is rolling out new ad units in explore tab

Instagram has announced that they have begun rolling out ads in the explore tab on the app. Instagram’s advertising business is growing faster than Facebook with the app experiencing more user engagement growth than it’s parent platform. It’s no surprise that the company is looking to take advantage of that growth by finding new ways to generate ad revenue. Putting ads in the Explore tab will give Instagram advertisers a new way to reach users beyond their feeds and stories. For more info on how you could start placing your ads on Instagram’s explore feed, click here.

Creating Stop Motion is about to get a lot easier on Instagram!

If you’re not an expert in Photoshop or creating video content, you know just how time consuming it can be to create a stop motion animation! Well, Instagram is making it a whole lot easier for creators by working on a stop motion tool for stories. The new tool would assist your creation process by ‘ghosting’ the frame you’re capturing with the previous one, so you can ensure that your placement and movement is correct. This would ideally be intended for a phone camera on a tripod or similar stable device, as the image would then remain exactly in-set, making sure you place the object how you want it in the next movement. At the moment it looks like the tool only allows you to create 10 frames, but time will tell if Instagram will increase the amount of frames in the future. To find out more info on this new stop motion tool, click here.

YouTube’s new augmented reality feature

Makeup tutorials and reviews are some of the most popular content on YouTube, as they help people learn about new products as well as how to apply them. YouTube is now taking that experience to the next level with a new AR feature for virtually trying on makeup right from the YouTube app. The feature, called AR Beauty Try-On, is designed to be used in a split-screen experience while YouTube viewers watch the makeup tutorial. After seeing what specific products would look like on their face, viewers can then purchase the product they want by clicking through to the makeup brand’s website. For more info on YouTube’s new AR feature, click here!

Facebook adds ‘top fans’ targeting option for organic posts

Facebook is rolling out a new option which enables Pages to public updates targeted to their top Page fans specifically. The new option enables Pages to create posts exclusively for Top Fans, in order to thank them or share exclusive content. Targeting top fans could give your business another way to facilitate more community engagement and build stronger connections. By communicating and creating specific content to your page’s top fans, could help keep them more active on your page and expand reach through increased activity and interaction. For more info, click here.

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The Social Culture-Issue #22

Social media is constantly being updated so you should be too! This month we saw Facebook revamp its mobile app, saying goodbye to the blue banner at the top of the screen. We also said a sad goodbye to the internet’s beloved ‘Grumpy Cat’ who passed away at the start of the month who we will miss seeing in our social media feeds. IGTV has also received a makeover, where you can now upload videos in landscape format! 

Continue reading to find out the top social media updates.

Instagram adds landscape videos to IGTV

Vertical video haters rejoice! Instagram has quietly refreshed the layout of IGTV, putting more focus on specific, algorithm defined content. In the hopes of attracting more viewers to the platform, Instagram has announced that IGTV creators can now upload landscape formatted videos on IGTV, focusing less on its original vertical viewing. This means it will be a lot easier to create content and may see more content come onto the platform. Say goodbye to the tedious reformatting of your videos to 9:16! Other recent changes that the platform has seen include a new algorithm-based feed of suggested videos in a vertical scroll instead of their old category-based feed. For more info on IGTV’s switch to landscape videos, click here!

Music is making its way to Snapchat

Snap reportedly wants to add music to the app to go up against its rivals, Instagram and TikTok. You will soon be able to record yourself singing to your favourite songs in the app and share those songs with your friends. The app according to Variety, is not seeking to build a music-streaming service to compete with Spotify or Apple Music but is only looking to enable music clip sharing via Snap, providing more tools for users and more exposure for artists. For more info on Snapchat’s plan to add music to the platform, click here.

Instagram’s new @shop account is going to tell you want to buy!

Instagram has created a special account called @shop that brings together posts from online merchants that sell products through the image-sharing app. The account will feature all things from fashion and beauty related to food and electronics, all chosen by Instagram’s editorial team. For now the ‘shop’ account will be targeted to women in their 20s and 30s, and will spotlight a new brand each day while telling the story behind the brand. Currently the account has almost 80,000 followers and is a great way for your brand to get out there if you’re lucky enough to be featured on the account! Check out the account here and for more information click here.

Facebook is prioritizing videos to boost original content

Facebook is wanting to make it easier for filmmakers to grow their audience and viewers. Over the next couple of months Facebook will change how it ranks videos, giving more weight to videos based on their originality, intent and viewing durations. The social media network has said this will affect how videos are distributed across platforms like News Feed, Facebook Watch and Facebook’s video recommendations. Facebook says it will prioritize videos that people seek out and watch repeatedly, and those that keep people engaged for at least one minute. Now is the time to start thinking about getting your video content out there on Facebook as you might find your videos have more eyes on them! For more info clickhere.

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The Social Culture-Issue #21

What would Instagram be like without likes? This month Instagram began testing hiding the like count on posts meaning that users will no longer be able to see how many likes a post receives. Other updates we saw in the social media world include Facebook getting a makeover on its mobile app and Instagram releasing quiz stickers on its stories. Continue reading below for all of the latest news in the social media world! 

Instagram without likes?

Instagram has begun testing hiding the total number of likes on a post! The test for now has only begun in Canada with likes being hidden in the Feed, permalinked pages and on profiles. Although followers won’t be able to see the total number of likes on a post, the owner will still be able to see their total like count. If Instagram were to remove the like count completely it would be interesting to see how the platform would change. We might see less people deleting photos that didn’t receive as many likes as they hoped and more authentic photos that haven’t been heavily edited. It will be very interesting to see what happens to the platform if it abandons likes all together! No need to worry though, it is only in the testing phase and may be a while till we see any changes. Click here to learn more about Instagram hiding like counts!

Instagram launches quiz stickers

Instagram has launched another interactive sticker on its stories which allows users to create a quiz for their followers. The new quiz sticker is a great way to interact and gain feedback from your followers. Businesses are already jumping at this opportunity to communicate better with their customers, by asking what they would like to see from their brand. It’s important to interact with your followers as when a user interacts with one of your stories it sends a signal to Instagram’s algorithm. This can then rank your stories higher in the user’s story timeline, meaning there is a higher chance your followers will see your story! Getting users to not only view your content, but interact with it is key to reaching a greater percentage of your followers. For more information on how you can use Instagram’s latest quiz sticker, click here!

Shopify adds facebook dynamic ads and Snapchat Story AdsShopify has just allowed businesses to create, manage and launch dynamic ads on Facebook and began rolling out Story Ads on Snapchat to help reach more shoppers. If you’re not sure what Facebook dynamic ads are, they are similar to a normal Facebook ad, however instead you can create an ad template that automatically uses images and details from your data feed on products you would like to advertise. With dynamic ads, you can retarget people who have taken action on your website or app, or use broad audience targeting to reach people who may not have visited your website or app before. Available on the Shopify platform, merchants can now synchronise their pricing and product availability information with Facebook’s dynamic ads that show items to target customers through the social platform. Shopify users can also create branded tiles in Snapchat’s Discover section to display a selection of products within Snapchat story ads. These latest Facebook and Snapchat integrations offer e-commerce advertisers seamless ad creation and management for their social campaigns. For more info on these new adds within the Shopify platform, click here.

Facebook to receive a makeover!

If you haven’t noticed already, Facebook mobile has had a makeover with a new layout, which is just the start of some major changes to the social platform! The Facebook logo is currently undergoing a full redesign and the desktop layout is also going to be revamped with the blue border being removed at the top of the screen. The new design has also placed groups and communities front and centre meaning Facebook is wanting the platform to be community based, encouraging users to interact with one another. Not only is a new makeover on the cards for Facebook, but improvements to its privacy settings, more social features in the Messenger app including the ability to watch Facebook videos with your messengers friends at the same time and more focus on community groups. It will be interesting to see the changes that Facebook will undergo during the rest of the year and how this may affect businesses. These changes may offer businesses the chance to organically grow their audience with Facebook Groups and build a community of engaged followers! For more info on what the rest of 2019 brings for Facebook, click here.

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The Social Culture-Issue #20

Last month we headed down to Melbourne for the Digital Marketers Australia Conference where we heard from a range of digital marketing specialists! Some of the top information we took away from the conference include the rise of Facebook messenger bots, the growing importance of influencer marketing and how to grow your e-commerce using social media. Continue reading to see what else has been happening in the world of social media last month!

4 Reasons why you should be considering chatbots

More and more brands are discovering the power of chatbots to connect and interact with potential or current customers. Using chatbots in Facebook messenger has become increasingly popular with marketers due to its high open rate. A chatbot can work by answering prospective leads questions during anytime of the day. It is also a great tool for your giveaways and getting people to subscribe to your newsletter. Click here to find out the four reasons why you should be considering chatbots in your strategy!

Instagram shopping is coming very soon!

Instagram has taken another step towards eCommerce with its new checkout option in the app, allowing users to purchase items from brands without having to leave the app! After clicking on a product tag from a brand partnering with Instagram, you’ll see an option to “checkout on Instagram” where you will be able to select a colour and size if applicable. You can input your delivery information and credit details or link a PayPal account which Instagram will save for future orders. This new checkout feature is Instagram’s latest effort to bring more shopping to the platform, with previous efforts including adding shopping to stories and the explore tab. Although only available to twenty-three companies we have no doubt its popularity will bring the availability to more business! For more information on how Instagram’s new checkout may help your eCommerce, click here!

Instagram pitches IGTV ads for creatorsInstagram is now reaching out to marketers about buying ads on IGTV after looking for ways to help creators monetize their content. Instagram is intent on monetizing the platforms and paying creators to continue making content in an attempt to keep viewers coming back to the platform to watch their favourite influencers. For more information on how your business might soon be able to advertise on IGTV click here!

Facebook is about to be a lot more transparent!

Have you ever seen a post on Facebook and think why on earth is this in my feed? Well your answers may soon be answered with Facebook’s new feature that shows why you are seeing a particular post in your feed. These reasons may include you liking a particular post or that it was liked by a friend you regularly interact with. This new feature will also apply to ads where users will be able to see why these ads are coming up in their feed along with the ability to block and report data misuse. For more information on Facebook’s shift to transparency click here.

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