Types of Social Media

Social Media Strategy

A good social media strategy should define how your business aims to use various social media channels, how they will work together and how you aim to achieve defined goals. It’s important to make sure those goals are measurable and sit in context with the overall business objectives so that your social media channels aren’t working in silos. Creating a social media strategy is just the beginning of a long term-campaign. We will guide you through all the steps to help you steer clear of common pitfalls and rookie errors while capitalising on the many global opportunities that social media presents. 

Influencer Engagement

Social media and the influence it has on our everyday lives is massive, and engaging strong and influential people on social media is a valuable resource for businesses who wish to share their products or services with a potential audience. These influencers have attracted a large following and have gained authority to persuade their followers’ purchasing decisions. It’s basically like a personal recommendation, with readers often unaware they’re actually sponsored posts.

Social Media Management

From consultation and planning to content creation and tracking, we’ve got all your bases covered. We’ve managed social media campaigns for many businesses across various industries and we want to take care of yours too.

We’ll create and manage your social media campaign according to your target market, marketing budget and goals. As an agency specialising in social media management, M4M Agency will ensure that your campaigns attract the right audience, deliver the best and most relevant content and encourage customer engagement.

Content Creation

Content, in the context of marketing, is truly relevant and useful information a business provides to a potential audience to help them solve personal issues, challenges or answer questions they may have. Content can be distributed via things like articles and blogs, videos, e-books and webinars.

Using content to find, engage, educate and entertain your clients is one of the most effective ways in today’s marketing universe to generate sales. In a world where we’re bombarded with content, having a competitive edge is critical. Luckily, M4M Agency has a team of quick witted content creators, who will make sure your content is always relevant and engaging for your target audience. 

Training & Workshops

Hosted by M4M Agency’s self-ordained Social Media Queen — Amanda Goddard, along with Founder & Creative Director, Rebecca Pini, made4media has social media courses for everyone. Attendees will learn everything from the basic ins and outs of the most popular social media platforms. For the more advanced, we offer courses on social media strategies that further your reach among your target audience.

Advertising & Budget Management

Social media is continuing to grow and gain more reach, and it certainly isn’t going away any time soon. With this in mind, it makes sense for businesses to leverage this and use social media and its advertising benefits to their advantage. If your business hasn’t started social media advertising yet, it’s time to start!


At M4M Agency, we have a variety of social media management tools at our fingertips which make it easier for us to track campaigns, and we’ll provide useful data to assist with growing your business. Our streamlined approach to managing social media allows for transparency and quick turnaround time in processes.

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