Types of Creative Services

Brand Development

Whether it’s giving a new brand it’s identity or spicing up an existing brand, M4M Agency will chat with you to ensure your brand identity ticks all of your target audience’s boxes. A brand is so much more than just a logo, it is the voice, vision, personality. It is how you want your brand to be seen within the landscape, and it is one of the most important things to establish to ensure you create a meaningful relationship with your target audience. 

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Graphic Design

Our team of graphic designers/creative masterminds have worked on the most varied jobs imaginable. The list includes corporate law firm brochures, infographics for charities, logos for hotel chains and brand identity documents for starts-ups. Whatever the job, we always create modern, fresh graphics that are eye-catching and appealing.

Web Design

Does your website look like it’s stuck in the 1990s? Don’t be embarrassed. Many businesses are in the same boat – so busy serving their clients that their own web presence goes to the bottom of the pile. We love designing and updating websites for all industries in Brisbane and beyond. Don’t forget – we can do the copywriting and photography for your website as well as design and development. M4M Agency can work with you to build a website that’s clear, manageable, functional, creative and a pleasure to use.

Photography & Video Production

Whether you are after a simple photoshoot, or a TVC/ social media friendly video, the M4M Agency team has got you covered. Standout photography is, of course, a must and video is fast becoming the No.1 online marketing tool. It has the power to increase your leads and enhance your web presence in the eyes of the consumer and Google. But how does one go about creating beautiful photos or making a great video? Well, we’re glad you asked because we can talk you through exactly how the process works and get the ball rolling on your visual content.

Print Management

The printing world can bring with it many challenges, especially if you’re new to it and have no idea where to start. How to set up the documents, what stock to print on, digital or offset printing, full colour, two-colour, mono…the questions go on. On the other hand, perhaps it’s getting tiring or overwhelming and you’d like to hand over the reins? Let M4M Agency take the guesswork out of all your printing needs. We’re masters at creating professionally presented documents and signage, and we know the ins and outs of the printing domain.

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