The Social Culture-Issue #32

It’s been a crazy couple of months with so many changes to EVERY part of our lives. Terms like iso, social distancing and ‘pubs closed’ are just a couple of #buzzwords we are sick of hearing…

Looking back on 2020 so far like…

Negativity aside, one thing we are grateful for during this time is social media and the power it has to help you keep in touch with your loved ones, and also cure any iso boredom. Social media consumption has gone up, with 47% of people spending a longer amount of time on social than they usually would. This provides brands and businesses the perfect opportunity to grow their online community and keep in touch with their current followers. Seriously if you’re not on social, NOW is the time! We have summed up some of the top social media updates and trends that are happening right now, so you’re not totally in the dark!

FB & Insta add new features to help small businesses

Facebook has very recently announced a handful of new features that allow users to show their support for small businesses and receive the latest updates and deals from them as they navigate through the impacts of COVID-19. The social media giant is introducing a new section called Businesses Nearby, which allows you to see the latest posts from businesses within a certain distance from you, where you can view their current hours and pickup/delivery options. Perfect way to get updates from your fave local takeaway place!

If you want to show even more support for your favourite small businesses, you can now use the new Support Small Business sticker on Instagram. Any posts using the sticker will be added to a shared Instagram story highlighting similar posts from all the accounts you follow (similar to the Stay Home sticker). It also enables you to share thumbnail images of the latest three Instagram posts from the business you choose to shout out on your Story.

So next time you order takeaway from your fave restaurant, why not show them some love and shout them out on your Story using Insta’s latest sticker! Watch made4media’s Instastories over the next few days as we showcase some of our local favs!

For more info on the latest changes to FB & IG and their efforts to help small businesses, click here.

Spotify will allow you to DJ in groups sessions feature

Say goodbye to fighting over the AUX cord and having to say ‘NEXT!’ to your friend who is insistent on playing the new Ariana Grande album to death. Spotify now gives you the ability to share the DJ duties with your friends and fam, allowing everyone’s favourite bangers to be played! The music streaming platform, is currently testing ‘group sessions’ that allows you to share scannable Spotify codes with friends, enabling you to each pause, play, skip and queue tracks in real time. The group session will only be made available to premium users, and can be used among quarantine-mates and families. We are definitely keen to try this when we get back to the office, if it rolls out! For more info, read here.

Soz TikTok Business users, your music rights have changed!

Sad news for TikTok business accounts, you can no longer use popular tracks in your videos, now only ‘royalty-free’ music tracks will be made available to verified brands. This means brands won’t be able to use songs such as ‘Say So’, ‘Supalonely’ or ‘Glitter’ which have all gone viral on TikTok along with their associated dances. Verified business accounts will still, however, have access to user uploaded sounds, and are able to obtain commercial licenses on their own and upload the song to TikTok

For more info, click here.

You can now host virtual live events on Linkedin! 

With lockdowns and restrictions forcing events to be cancelled, many event organisers have opted for digital functions instead, where you can share the same information and knowledge but obviously without the in-person connection. LinkedIn has now combined their new LinkedIn Live feature into their existing events option. The two features now work together, allowing professionals to stream live video content directly to LinkedIn Events attendees. Attendees will be notified when the stream goes live, allowing them to watch and engage with other attendees.

For more info on LinkedIn Live events, click here.

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