Why You Need To Outsource Your Marketing Function

As 2020 officially kicks off, many businesses typically take the opportunity to review half year performance, make adjustments and plan for the next period . With marketing recognised as a necessary contributor to growth, understanding the benefits of outsourcing marketing to a specialist marketing firm could make all the difference; regardless of whether you’re a small to medium enterprise with little or no marketing resources or a corporate entity with an designated team.

Our experience providing outsourced marketing services for clients across council, entertainment, energy and retail has enabled our clients to increase sales, deliver large events efficiently, increase online traffic and so much more.

Small to Medium Enterprises

Many SMEs are often not large enough to have a dedicated marketing team which means the responsibility is left to the owner, an untrained junior staff member or not at all.      
In this regard, outsourcing marketing needs to an expert 3rd party can deliver many immediate benefits to SMEs including:

    1. Marketing Done EffectivelyFor SMEs, marketing can often lie with someone as an added extra to their role within the business. This means that sometimes it is not implemented effectively as it can fall to the ‘to-do’ pile and opportunities can be missed. An external marketing team’s sole purpose will be to ensure your business is meeting its marketing goals, so nothing will be left to chance.

2. The Who, What, When, Where & HowA specialist outsourced marketing firm has the down low on the who, what, when, where & how of the industry. They know who the best person to contact is, what the angle should be and what the current trends are, when the best timing is to push your marketing, where you should be focusing your efforts both internally and externally and how you should go about it.

3. Dedicated Skill SetsSpecialist outsourced marketing firms make sure they have dedicated and competent team members trained in all areas under the remit of marketing including; social media, public relations, digital marketing, events etc. This means that you will have the perfect person to help you with your specific marketing needs to ensure you reach your goals.

4. Up To Date IndustryKnowledge Like with any industry, marketing is always changing. New ways of reaching target audiences, new trends and new platforms are constantly hitting the market along with constant changes to platform algorithms. Having a team that is up to date on all the insider knowledge is essential to ensure you are reaching all of your potential targets.

Corporate Entities

Corporate businesses are more likely to have an internal marketing team who manage all of the marketing needs. However, an outsourced marketing service provider can provide immediate benefits through;   

1. Interim Resourcing / Staffing Hiring an external marketing company may be beneficial for your business should you be finding it difficult to hire the right team member or alternatively,  if there is too much work for the current internal team to keep on top of. An external marketing team can work with the internal team to take control of the workload  or be dedicated for a time frame whilst there may be some internal shuffling. This ensures all marketing needs are being met.

2. Complimenting Internal Capability  According to the Gartner Marketing Organizational Survey 2019, marketing leaders say they want to bring more of the high-value and strategic work in-house and use agencies to fill tactical and talent gaps. Engaging an outsourced specialist to embed in your marketing team is an effective way to upskill existing resources whilst ensuring your business’ marketing is more efficient and effectively covers the ground you need.

3. Bolstering Support for Events There is a lot of time and hard work that goes into making an event a success. Engaging in extra hands or outsourcing the entire event to an external company can help to minimise pressures on internal staff who may not have the time or required capability to perfect the event. External teams can help at all stages from the planning to being on the ground on the day to ensure your event is executed successfully.

4. Shadow-Testing StrategiesAll streams of marketing need an effective strategy. Developing actionable strategy is time consuming as all opportunities need to be identified and optimised to ensure relevance and impact. Creativity is also an essential part of these strategies and thinking outside the box is needed to ensure you are engaging your target audience. By engaging a specialist marketing firm, you can bring fresh ideas to your campaign, let them do the heavy lifting with creating the strategy to ensure all you have to do is press go and implement. 

For SMEs and Corporate entities, outsourced marketing makes a lot of sense from both financial and operational perspectives, not to mention the competitive advantage associated with having ready-access to the latest knowledge and practices in marketing strategy and technology. 
There are many ways that an external marketing team can benefit your SME or Corporate entity. At made4media we work with the full spectrum of businesses to help them achieve their marketing needs, whether that be as a full service agency or by becoming an embedded member of your existing team.  If you are curious about how outsourced marketing could make a difference to the performance of your business, please get in touch to book in a free 30 minute consultation today!

Rebecca is the Founder and Managing Director of M4M Agency. With over 30 years experience in the television, marketing and communications industry, commencing her career in 1988 at Network Ten Brisbane. Driven by creativity and the goal to nurture a dynamic team, made4media was born in 2003 and is a full service Creative, Marketing and Communications agency. Rebecca works with a talented team of strategic and creative problem solvers focussed on achieving success for clients. They are an outsource marketing solution for clients big or small.

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