The Social Culture-Issue #33

This month has shown the world how powerful social media can be in amplifying a movement and creating positive change in our world. The #BlackLivesMatter movement spread across our social feeds at the start of this month, with brands, influencers and users showing their support and outrage over the racial injustices. The power of the hashtag has been huge with #BlackLivesMatter included on over 20 million posts on Instagram alone, propelling the movement and providing important information for those involved in the protests. A moment of disruption occurred where people were called out for using the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag incorrectly which saw a clogging of feeds, causing important live messages for protesters getting lost in the blackout. This was an interesting insight into how much we do rely on a hashtag and its importance in a campaign. We hope that this movement has lasting change and its effects will be felt forever. It is nice to see that social media has been able to provide a voice and platform for a positive change.

More ways to make $$$ on Instagram

Instagram influencers are about to take home more cash in their pocket for their content, thanks to Insta’s new badge feature and IGTV monetisation. The social media giant has announced that it’s finally rolling out the next stages for IGTV monetisation, in an effort to keep creators on the platform. Since IGTV hit our phones, monetisation has not been on offer, making it difficult to compete with other platforms that do offer cash incentive for creators such as YouTube. Now video ads will appear when a user clicks to watch an IGTV video from the preview button in their feed, that will last up to 15 seconds. Instagram will begin the test phase, showing ads from a select group of partners and advertisers in the US, including brands such as IKEA, Puma and Sephora.

For more info, on Instagram’s new monetisation tools, click here.

TikTok shares tips on the old hashtag

If you’re looking to add TikTok to your digital marketing mix, then listen up! TikTok has recently released a new case study that provides a basic rundown on how to execute a successful branded hashtag campaign. The style of the campaign involves brands creating a specific hashtag and linking it to a video challenge, facilitating an interactive, engaging video response campaign. While it may sound like an easy campaign to implement, it’s important that brands come up with an interesting, engaging idea that TikTokers will want to follow along and partake in. The case study focuses on a fashion eCommerce platform in Asia, ZALORA, that used TikTok to promote their upcoming fashion festival. ZALORA’s challenge videos were viewed nearly a million times, with 62,000 TikTok users engaging with the hashtag and posting videos for the challenge. Sounds like a simple concept with great results, however, be warned it takes a solid creative idea and an added incentive to capture TikTok’s young audience!

For more info and to read the case study, click here.

Facebook adds option to send emails

Facebook has sneakily added in the ability to send marketing emails through the pages app. Several users have reported seeing a new function earlier this month, which prompted them to ‘send customised marketing emails’ via their Facebook page. The process seems to work by asking page managers to manually add email contacts to their database, confirming that they have given permission to contact them via email. Once your database is ready to go you can easily create your email within Facebook and add in your subject line. For now it looks like the email design is pretty limited to just text, but it will be interesting to see if Facebook expands on this email marketing tool, and who knows you may never have to use Mailchimp again if it proves to work well

For more info, click here.

Facebook’s creator studio app has a refresh! 

If you’re a social media content creator you’ll know just how frustrating Facebook’s Creator Studio can be! Finally the app has had a much needed update, allowing users to create content within the app itself. Scheduling has been added along with some more features for video posts including metadata fields and thumbnail selection. While the app is a great portal for insights into how your content is performing and an easy way to edit posts, the app and desktop version can be glitchy. If you didn’t know already, you can schedule your Instagram posts through creator studio, however, be warned the process is not as streamlined as it should be. We’ve noticed that posts sometimes don’t get scheduled at all – so best to make a note in your diary when it’s time to post on Insta to make sure it actually worked!

For more info on Facebook Creator Studio and it’s recent updates, click here.

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