The Social Culture-Issue #34

Conspiracy theories… they’re currently EVERYWHERE on social media platforms! If you haven’t come across one yet, let me refresh your mind back to the beginning of the pandemic with Pete Evans and his social media tirades about vaccinations and his ‘fake news’ light machine that apparently cured COVID-19.

Due to the amount of time on people’s hand’s thanks to COVID-19, there is more time for people to jump into already established conspiracies and blast them all over social media platforms, digging deeper and deeper. With the ban of TikTok in the USA, people are going all out with their theories!

We are seeing TikTok open up rabbit holes ranging from child trafficking, Brittney Spears being held captive (which is sort of true due to a family court order), predictions of Trump’s assassination thanks to old Simpson’s episodes and Corona Virus being fake news… the list is longer than the Nile!

Whatever social platform you jump on, the trending conspiracy hashtags are there for you to get sucked into a vortex… however, it’s up to the reader’s discretion as to whether it is real or not…

#pizzagate #frazzledrip #adrenochrome #qanon #freebritney #spiritualawakening #wwg1wga #epsteinisland #5g #anonymousisback #wayfair #wikileaks #savethechildren

Instagram REELS viewers away from TikTok

Instagram is hoping to lure creators and viewers away from mega platform, TikTok, with its new video feature, Reels. If you haven’t already heard the ‘Tok’ of the town, President Trump has banned the Chinese-owned app starting mid September, unless a US buyer comes into play. With the uncertainty surrounding TikTok’s survival, Instagram’s announcement of Reels comes at the perfect time. Currently, Reels is very similar to its rival, where users can choose from a variety of filters and music tracks to accompany their video, however, clips are currently limited to only 15 seconds.

For more information on Instagram Reels and how to use, click here.

Fake News Be Gone!

Facebook has made a fresh round of changes to its algorithm that intends to prioritise reporting and will give content that lacks a clear publisher a lower position on the feed. The change aims to see genuine journalism rise to the top of the feed with fake news hopefully getting the flick!

So how does it work?
As articles emerge on a particular topic, the social media giant will pull them together and analyse them to identify which one seems to be “the original source.” Don’t worry, Facebook has assured users that they will not be inundated with news articles they don’t care about, however, they will see news stories from publishers that they or their friends follow. For more info on Facebook’s algorithm changes, click here.

Facebook Takes On YouTube

Users in the US can now watch official music videos on their Facebook Watch and individual artist’s pages. Now partnering with some of the world’s biggest music labels including, Sony Music, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group, Facebook can now distribute official music videos on the platform – whereas in the past could only share short previews or in some cases just audio. Facebook’s interest in music videos is most likely due to potential advertisers wanting to spend big DDB’s (dollar dollar bills) on exclusive videos that will premiere only on Facebook. Keep your eye out, only time will tell if music videos will be available worldwide on Facebook.

For more info, click here.

LinkedIn Lends Users A Helping Hand

Christmas has come early for Social Media Managers or those who may need a helping hand in building their LinkedIn presence! The professional networking site has published a helpful guide for Social Media Managers on how to get the best use out of the platform, accompanied by many useful tips and tricks. The 32-page guide is broken up into five sections that provide readers information on how to maximise engagement, boost content reach and fuel potential sales through connections. If this sounds like it’s right up your alley, download the guide here!

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