Types Of Strategies

Marketing Strategy

Marketing tailored to your needs

Whether you’re launching a business or a product, offering a promotion or running an internal campaign here in Brisbane, Australia-wide or internationally, our marketing consultants will develop a bespoke strategy for your marketing problem. We are limitless in our ability to conceptualise and execute the right marketing campaign for your business, but it all starts with a clear strategy. When working with M4M Agency, your campaign will grab attention, draw audiences in and achieve results. 

Brand Strategy

It’s much more than just a logo

 An effective brand is one of the most important steps to take when building awareness and preference of your business within the market. It’s not just how your brand looks, but also your brand story, characteristics and the heart and soul of what your business does. 

Our team understands how important brand is, and how it impacts the whole of your business. We will work with you every step of the war to develop an effective brand and its underlying strategy. Whether you’re looking to start from the ground up, for a brand tweak or a complete brand refresh, M4M Agency can help you be the best you can be. 


A good social media strategy should define how your business aims to use various social media channels, how they will work together and how you aim to achieve defined goals. It’s important to make sure those goals are measurable and sit in context with the overall business objectives so that your social media channels aren’t working in silos. Creating a social media strategy is just the beginning of a long term-campaign. We will guide you through all the steps to help you steer clear of common pitfalls and rookie errors while capitalising on the many global opportunities that social media presents. 

Communication Strategy 

A communications strategy is one of our core capabilities at M4M Agency and we work closely with clients to determine what their bespoke marketing communication strategy will be. A great communication plan will help a business identify who they need to reach, how they plan on telling them what they need to now, and the way in which they’ll reach them. Different audiences will have different needs, motivations and preferences, and we can help you develop and implement a communications plan to ensure pitches land in the right inbox and effectively communicate with your target audience. 

Content / Creative Strategy

A content marketing strategy refers to the planning, creation, delivery and management of your content and should include your goals, who you’re targeting and your content ideas.

 The purpose behind a content strategy is to create meaningful and engaging content which is sustainable, cohesive and attractive to your target audience. The key is to make sure you’re sending out the right messages which align with your brand, to the right people at the right time. 

Creativity enables a business to stand out from the crowd. It allows a company to be unique and distinctive which attracts customers and builds loyalty.

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