The Social Culture-Issue #23

The fast paced world of social media marketing is changing all the time. Staying up-to-date with the latest development on social is an important aspect impacting the success of your campaigns! We’ve made it easier for you, by compiling a monthly update of the top social media updates. In June we saw Instagram begin to roll out ads in the Explore feed and a new tool for creating stop motion. YouTube also announced it was working on a new AR feature that lets you try on makeup whilst watching your fav beauty vloggers! 

Continue reading to find out the top social media updates.

Instagram is rolling out new ad units in explore tab

Instagram has announced that they have begun rolling out ads in the explore tab on the app. Instagram’s advertising business is growing faster than Facebook with the app experiencing more user engagement growth than it’s parent platform. It’s no surprise that the company is looking to take advantage of that growth by finding new ways to generate ad revenue. Putting ads in the Explore tab will give Instagram advertisers a new way to reach users beyond their feeds and stories. For more info on how you could start placing your ads on Instagram’s explore feed, click here.

Creating Stop Motion is about to get a lot easier on Instagram!

If you’re not an expert in Photoshop or creating video content, you know just how time consuming it can be to create a stop motion animation! Well, Instagram is making it a whole lot easier for creators by working on a stop motion tool for stories. The new tool would assist your creation process by ‘ghosting’ the frame you’re capturing with the previous one, so you can ensure that your placement and movement is correct. This would ideally be intended for a phone camera on a tripod or similar stable device, as the image would then remain exactly in-set, making sure you place the object how you want it in the next movement. At the moment it looks like the tool only allows you to create 10 frames, but time will tell if Instagram will increase the amount of frames in the future. To find out more info on this new stop motion tool, click here.

YouTube’s new augmented reality feature

Makeup tutorials and reviews are some of the most popular content on YouTube, as they help people learn about new products as well as how to apply them. YouTube is now taking that experience to the next level with a new AR feature for virtually trying on makeup right from the YouTube app. The feature, called AR Beauty Try-On, is designed to be used in a split-screen experience while YouTube viewers watch the makeup tutorial. After seeing what specific products would look like on their face, viewers can then purchase the product they want by clicking through to the makeup brand’s website. For more info on YouTube’s new AR feature, click here!

Facebook adds ‘top fans’ targeting option for organic posts

Facebook is rolling out a new option which enables Pages to public updates targeted to their top Page fans specifically. The new option enables Pages to create posts exclusively for Top Fans, in order to thank them or share exclusive content. Targeting top fans could give your business another way to facilitate more community engagement and build stronger connections. By communicating and creating specific content to your page’s top fans, could help keep them more active on your page and expand reach through increased activity and interaction. For more info, click here.

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