The Social Culture-Issue #22

Social media is constantly being updated so you should be too! This month we saw Facebook revamp its mobile app, saying goodbye to the blue banner at the top of the screen. We also said a sad goodbye to the internet’s beloved ‘Grumpy Cat’ who passed away at the start of the month who we will miss seeing in our social media feeds. IGTV has also received a makeover, where you can now upload videos in landscape format! 

Continue reading to find out the top social media updates.

Instagram adds landscape videos to IGTV

Vertical video haters rejoice! Instagram has quietly refreshed the layout of IGTV, putting more focus on specific, algorithm defined content. In the hopes of attracting more viewers to the platform, Instagram has announced that IGTV creators can now upload landscape formatted videos on IGTV, focusing less on its original vertical viewing. This means it will be a lot easier to create content and may see more content come onto the platform. Say goodbye to the tedious reformatting of your videos to 9:16! Other recent changes that the platform has seen include a new algorithm-based feed of suggested videos in a vertical scroll instead of their old category-based feed. For more info on IGTV’s switch to landscape videos, click here!

Music is making its way to Snapchat

Snap reportedly wants to add music to the app to go up against its rivals, Instagram and TikTok. You will soon be able to record yourself singing to your favourite songs in the app and share those songs with your friends. The app according to Variety, is not seeking to build a music-streaming service to compete with Spotify or Apple Music but is only looking to enable music clip sharing via Snap, providing more tools for users and more exposure for artists. For more info on Snapchat’s plan to add music to the platform, click here.

Instagram’s new @shop account is going to tell you want to buy!

Instagram has created a special account called @shop that brings together posts from online merchants that sell products through the image-sharing app. The account will feature all things from fashion and beauty related to food and electronics, all chosen by Instagram’s editorial team. For now the ‘shop’ account will be targeted to women in their 20s and 30s, and will spotlight a new brand each day while telling the story behind the brand. Currently the account has almost 80,000 followers and is a great way for your brand to get out there if you’re lucky enough to be featured on the account! Check out the account here and for more information click here.

Facebook is prioritizing videos to boost original content

Facebook is wanting to make it easier for filmmakers to grow their audience and viewers. Over the next couple of months Facebook will change how it ranks videos, giving more weight to videos based on their originality, intent and viewing durations. The social media network has said this will affect how videos are distributed across platforms like News Feed, Facebook Watch and Facebook’s video recommendations. Facebook says it will prioritize videos that people seek out and watch repeatedly, and those that keep people engaged for at least one minute. Now is the time to start thinking about getting your video content out there on Facebook as you might find your videos have more eyes on them! For more info clickhere.

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