The Social Culture-Issue #24

What a month for social! We can definitely say the biggest change was Instagram hiding ‘like counts’, which had influencers up in arms! It’s hard to say if it will stick on the platform, as it is currently in its ‘test’ phase in a select few countries, but it is definitely something we are learning to get used too. Other updates include a new sticker on Instagram stories, and a new tool to create Snapchat ads. Also, if you’ve ever wondered just how much influencers make on Instagram, a new report was released this month showing how much you should expect to pay to promote your product.

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Instagram Removes Like Counts!

The pug’s reaction above is exactly how we felt when we noticed that Instagram has removed ‘like counts’ from posts! While we have gotten used to it now, some influencers are still not happy about the recent change. Instagram has expanded its initiative of hiding ‘public like counts’ to Australia, having previously trialled it in places such as Canada, New Zealand and Brazil. Instagram announced the removal of ‘like counts’ to reduce competition on the platform, and to make users feel more comfortable posting content reducing the pressure and need to ‘tally’ likes. Individuals can still see their total ‘like count’, with businesses still having access to their posts insights. It will be interesting to see the overall effect on not having ‘like counts’ – will it increase platform users willingness to like a post, or will it reduce it? Time will only tell, and we are curious to see any additional changes that may arise! Click here to read more.

Snapchat launches ‘instant’ tool for creating vertical ads

Snapchat is once again hoping to attract new advertisers to their platform by launching a new tool called Instant Create. Potential advertisers may not be used to creating ads in a mobile-friendly, vertical format that Snapchat has popularized, so their latest tool is designed to make the process as simple as possible. In three steps advertisers can create their adverts within Snapchat’s ad manager by choosing their advertising objective, uploading creative assets and determining a budget and audience. For more info on how to set up a Snapchat advert using Instant Create, click here!

Instagram rolls out new ‘chat’ sticker

Over the past year, we’ve had almost one new Story feature a month, with only a few exceptions, and this month we received a new chat sticker! The latest sticker allows people to ask their followers to join a new group chat and then gives the poster the power to select who can join. Instagram has been positioning this new feature as a solution for people who want to have a big group conversation about something or for making plans. For more info on how to use the chat sticker, click here!

Just how much do Instagram influencers make?

Whether you like it or not, an ‘influencer’ is an actual job title in 2019, with some people questioning how anyone could dedicate all of their time and energy to an Instagram page. On the other hand if you’re a marketer you might be wondering just how much you have to pay an influencer to promote your product on a single post. A team at Hopper has compiled a report to show how much you would have to pay these Insta celebs to promote your product. At the top of the list is Kylie Jenner, that would cost you over $1 million to have your product in the arms of Kylie, for one single post! You might get a rude shock at just how expensive some of the most popular account costs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find micro influencers at a lower cost who can still help drive sales results. For the full Instagram’s ‘Rich List’, click here!

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