The Social Culture-Issue #19

Struggling to keep up with the latest news and trends in social media? Don’t worry we’ve got your back with our monthly social media roundup blog, The Social Culture! This month we saw Instagram remove a tonne of fake accounts which saw follower counts go down from celebrities and influencers, Facebook shutting down their cringy ‘LOL’ app and many more! Continue reading to find out all of the latest social media news.

Donation sticker coming soon to Instagram

You may soon be able to make a donation to a non-profit organisation straight through Instagram! Instagram appears to be working on a new donation sticker in its stories, making it easy for people to donate to a specific cause or charity. Currently there is no payment system available on the platform, however it seems that the app is looking to take step towards to eCommerce. Users will be able to search through a list of non-profits to link to their donation button that they have added to their story. For now this feature is still being trialled but it will be interesting to see how influencers and non-profit organisations use this feature if it is made available. Click here for more information on Instagram’s potential new donate button.

Tik Tok is quietly testing ads

If you haven’t already heard of Tik Tok it is the latest social platform craze where users can create short videos of themselves lip syncing or acting out comedy sketches- similar to Vine that shut down in early 2017. These videos have gone viral racking up millions of views on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. The app has now begun testing ads on the platform that directs to the advertisers website, which is no surprise due to the apps recent success. This may prove invalauable to marketers targeting Gen Zers as they are the app’s primary user base. Click here to read more about TikTok and how you could potentially advertise on the app!

Cya later Pinterest, Instagram public collections coming soon!Another update from Instagram that we can expect to see in our feeds are IGTV previews and a public version of their Collections feature. If you haven’t noticed already, IGTV has also had a makeover with a new layout designed to improve search capacity, suggested channels and an updated profile layout. Instagram has also been seen testing a public version of its collections feature that launched in 2017. Similar to Pinterest, Instagram’s current private collections enables users to gather sets of posts into specific groups- a great tool if you find yourself constantly screenshotting posts for inspo. A public version of collections could be a great way for businesses to showcase their products or for influencers to share their interests or passions. For more info click here to read all about the latest Instagram updates!

Furniture shopping straight from Facebook 

Facebook is ramping up on its AI technology with the network recently purchasing visual shopping startup company GrokStyle. GrokStyle is a visual shopping app that was first used by the likes of IKEA to help consumers find and decide on purchases. The app allows users to take a photo of a piece of furniture that they like and then generates online products that are similar. It will be interesting to see how Facebook will start to use this new technology and where the social platform will be heading in terms of advertising and AI! I mean you might even be able to AI a future puppy or kitten into your own home! 😉 Click here for more information on Grokstyle and Facebook’s latest merge.

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