The Social Culture-Issue #20

Last month we headed down to Melbourne for the Digital Marketers Australia Conference where we heard from a range of digital marketing specialists! Some of the top information we took away from the conference include the rise of Facebook messenger bots, the growing importance of influencer marketing and how to grow your e-commerce using social media. Continue reading to see what else has been happening in the world of social media last month!

4 Reasons why you should be considering chatbots

More and more brands are discovering the power of chatbots to connect and interact with potential or current customers. Using chatbots in Facebook messenger has become increasingly popular with marketers due to its high open rate. A chatbot can work by answering prospective leads questions during anytime of the day. It is also a great tool for your giveaways and getting people to subscribe to your newsletter. Click here to find out the four reasons why you should be considering chatbots in your strategy!

Instagram shopping is coming very soon!

Instagram has taken another step towards eCommerce with its new checkout option in the app, allowing users to purchase items from brands without having to leave the app! After clicking on a product tag from a brand partnering with Instagram, you’ll see an option to “checkout on Instagram” where you will be able to select a colour and size if applicable. You can input your delivery information and credit details or link a PayPal account which Instagram will save for future orders. This new checkout feature is Instagram’s latest effort to bring more shopping to the platform, with previous efforts including adding shopping to stories and the explore tab. Although only available to twenty-three companies we have no doubt its popularity will bring the availability to more business! For more information on how Instagram’s new checkout may help your eCommerce, click here!

Instagram pitches IGTV ads for creatorsInstagram is now reaching out to marketers about buying ads on IGTV after looking for ways to help creators monetize their content. Instagram is intent on monetizing the platforms and paying creators to continue making content in an attempt to keep viewers coming back to the platform to watch their favourite influencers. For more information on how your business might soon be able to advertise on IGTV click here!

Facebook is about to be a lot more transparent!

Have you ever seen a post on Facebook and think why on earth is this in my feed? Well your answers may soon be answered with Facebook’s new feature that shows why you are seeing a particular post in your feed. These reasons may include you liking a particular post or that it was liked by a friend you regularly interact with. This new feature will also apply to ads where users will be able to see why these ads are coming up in their feed along with the ability to block and report data misuse. For more information on Facebook’s shift to transparency click here.

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