The Social Culture-Issue #12

With a whirlwind trip to NYC to attend Social Media Week it only seems fair that we share with you some of the things that we learnt and also what is about to pop into your news feeds. From a paid ad free Facebook option to an Instagram update that helps with our old FOMO addictions that haven’t gone away. We discuss the myths vs. realities for AI and what we need to be aware of moving forward.

Facebook is the new Tinder?

Facebook is taking on Tinder with a new dating feature on the app. According to Facebook, users will be able to set up a new dating profile that can be separate from your personal account, so you don’t have to worry about your friends seeing your dating profile! Your dating profile will only share your first name and you won’t be able to match with your existing Facebook friends. Facebook hasn’t released when this feature will be made available but will provide more information when they begin testing the service later on this year. Click here to learn more about how you could find your next relationship on Facebook!

Addicted to Instagram?? The app may soon tell you… 

Since Instagram has scrapped the chronological feed in 2016 some Insta users have been left wondering if they’ve seen all posts from their followers or just the ones that have been ranked higher on their feeds. Now Instagram users can stop scrolling with FOMO as the latest update lets you know when you’re “all caught up” and have seen all new posts from the past 48 hours. Instagram may also start rolling out a usage insights tool which will let you know how much time you spend on the app in a particular time frame. We know what you’re thinking… total time spent on Instagram is a scary statistic to think about! However the apparent aim is to give users a way to help manage their time on the app to give them more control to make better decisions about their usage. For more info on Instagram’s latest update click here!

Would you pay for an ad-free Facebook?

An ad-free Facebook may be appearing in our future very shortly, however there is a catch… you have to pay for it. These rumours are nothing new, but with the recent backlash Facebook has received the past couple of months over their mishandling of user data perhaps these speculations should be taken seriously. Facebook has been conducting market research to determine whether an ad-free subscription would convince more people to sign up. If you don’t like the idea of paying for the social platform, no need to sweat, Zuckerberg has confirmed that there will always be a version of Facebook that will always be free!  Click here to learn more about the potential new version of Facebook.

Artificial Intelligence: Myth vs. Reality 

Lately AI powered marketing has been the buzzword across the world among marketers. The power of AI allows marketers to sort through and analyse customer data, automate tasks and improve workflows. Despite the growing hype around AI not everyone is jumping on the bandwagon because of the many myths and concerns that surround it. Such as, will AI replace human jobs? What are the extra costs that AI will add to my business? Can AI make sense of any and all data? To find out the answers to these common misconceptions and questions about Artificial Intelligence click here.

Ready to make some noise? Snap introduces filters that react to sound!

Tired of sticking your tongue out to get the snapchat puppy filter to work? Now the app has added a new lens that responds to sound! Snapchat has now released a new animal filter that changes based on the sound in your environment. When the sound in the room gets louder the animal ears of the filter grows. The filter’s colour and sparkles also adjust with sound. Snapchat says that this filter is just one of many that is to come that responds to sounds. For more info on snapchat’s latest update click here.

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