The Social Culture-Issue #11

When we sign up to online apps & social platforms we know that there could be the possibility of some kind of hacking. The online world isn’t 100% safe and it never will be, however, it is always really important to take certain measures to ensure that we are always protected. In the wake of the latest Facebook security breach, there really isn’t anything you could have done differently except NOT be on the social platform. 

It’s time to clean up your data! 

If you haven’t already heard Facebook is in BIG trouble. Just recently Facebook is facing a scandal over the use of it’s data by British political research company Cambridge Analytica. The research company that has been linked to Trump’s campaign used the personal information of 50 million people on Facebook, without authorization, to target them with personalised political advertisements. Now if you didn’t already know, when you download or sign in to a website using your Facebook log in, you are essentially giving those companies a look into your Facebook profile. If you’re beginning to feel a little nervous about your privacy on Facebook click here to find out how you can block these apps that are tracking you!

Snapchat takes ‘Chat’ to a new level 

Snapchat is introducing several new features this week including the ability to make group video calls and tagging your friends in your snap stories. The new mention feature allows friends to shout each other out in their stories or to promote their favourite influencers, similar to Instagram’s feature. Tagging someone shows their username, bitmoji and a follow button to easily allow people to follow those that you’re shouting out. This feature will give Snap another way to expose users to other Snap content and could provide valuable in influencer marketing and brand promotion activities. The video chat feature, on the other hand, will allow up to 16 friends to conduct a video chat with each other. Click here to learn more about Snapchat’s latest features!

Instagram rolls out a new way to use hashtags 

Your Instagram bio is extremely important, especially if you’re only using your Instagram account to promote your business. With only 150 words and only one link available, driving traffic elsewhere can be difficult. Luckily, Instagram has just made things a whole lot easier! The newest Instagram update allows you to turn profile usernames and hashtags within your bio into clickable hyperlinks. Adding branded hashtags or related hashtags to your interests makes your bio much more functional and engaging. You can also add any other profile into your bio meaning that visitors can click straight through onto the tagged account. Perfect for promoting your business Insta account on your personal one! Click here to learn how to use these new tagging features!

Is Facebook finally letting users dislike? 

Well not quite..Recently some Facebook users have noticed that they are now able to downvote on comments that they don’t particularly like or agree with. A downvote or a dislike button has been the long awaited feature to appear on Facebook, but until now the social media site has only given positive reactions including the ‘love’ button. The new button, which says ‘downvote’ appears next to the ‘like’ and ‘reply’ buttons below a comment with its intended use of giving feedback to Facebook about uncivil or misleading comments. To learn more about Facebook’s potential new downvote button, click here.

3 examples of how influencers can hurt your brand 

Now we’ve talked a lot about influencers on The Social Culture and how they can be very important for your brand but with that being said it’s important to find the right influencer that fits your brand. It’s also very important to craft smart and non-offensive campaigns with influencers that steer your brand clear of getting into big trouble. Click here to see three campaigns that went very wrong for both the brand and the influencer involved

Facebook challenges Linkedin 

Not only can Facebook keep you in contact with friends from your past, but it could also help you find a job in the future. Just last month Facebook became Linkedin’s newest competitor as the social media giant introduced job postings to it’s lists of services. Facebook now allows businesses to create job posts, manage applications and schedule interviews, entirely on mobile. This feature is currently only available to businesses in US and Canada, however a global rollout is expected if the new feature proves successful. Click here to learn more about Facebook’s new job offerings.

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