The Social Culture-Issue #9

Our love of social media is something that will always run deep through made4media’s veins. In fact this year Bec & Amanda are heading over to New York City for the Social Media Week’s 10th anniversary conference. It is so important in the digital world to keep on top of everything that is happening, that is why we are lucky that Amanda, our self ordained Social Media Queen, lives and breathes social media on a daily basis reading all the latest news & trends before she goes to sleep at night and when she wakes! 

WE ARE BACK! This year we will see a lot of changes within the social media and digital world. As virtual reality becomes staple in marketing we look at what the next big thing is going to be. Will it be chat bots taking over our news source stream or will it be social influencer marketing taking the world by storm and becoming the revolution of advertising? Who knows, but what we do know is that we will be here every step of the way to tell you all about it and we will be making sure we are immersing ourselves deep into every aspect!

Zuckerberg’s Family Friendly New Year’s Resolution Mark Zuckerberg has made a huge announcement…It’s a new year and straight up Facebook has changed… they set their goals and have literally made sure they’re following their resolutions! If I was a small business or just a business in general I would be worried. If I was a news source that benefited from social media I would be even more worried as Facebook has decided to change their algorithm to give users a more family friendly news feed. Which, to be honest, is why we all joined the social media platform in the first place. Stay tuned for more updates on this announcement as they roll out. In the mean time you can read more about what Mr Zuckerberg said here

Put This On Your To Do List!LinkedIn, one of those social platforms you just put to the side…am I right? Well don’t. The latest stats for LinkedIn are very promising, not just from a personal professional point of view, but also for a business point of view. If you haven’t got your business on LinkedIn, please put this as a priority on your To Do list. It has come a long way since being launched in 2003 with 1 million users to being acquired by Microsoft in 2016 and now sitting at over 500 million users. It is such a great platform for professional networking and business profiling. Have a read here of the stats LinkedIn has after the latest 14 years of being around, it is pretty impressive! 

Instagram has your back…What’s a holiday without an update? Instagram has been working hard behind the scenes creating some fun updates for us to use in a personal and business sense. One that is super clever is rolling out a recommended for you feature which recommends certain accounts that Instagram thinks you would like. This is a great addition as you are then able to see things and follow things you wouldn’t have ordinarily known about! Thanks for looking out for us Instagram! Read more about these updates and how to use them here.

Snapchat how dare you! For the LOVE of InstagramHow easy it is to annoy users with change! Snapchat has just felt the wrath of social media users who have pushed back against their latest update. To be honest, it is pretty rubbish. However in saying that, it takes a little bit of time to get used to changes in anything. The backlash they’re seeing from their top rating influencers is huge. Instagram must be jumping for joy as we have seen some of the top rating snapchat influencers tell their followers they won’t be using Snapchat anymore and to head over to their Instagram to watch their ‘mystories’ over there! The best way to combat the change is to learn how to use it again, we consulted the attached guide to update us on what we need to know and how to overcome the change that has occurred!

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