The Social Culture-Issue #8

The GIF below says it all! Talking about transparency in the digital realm was somewhat of a common theme this year across all social and digital platforms. All of the conferences, articles & discussions throughout 2017 had this as an occurring issue. We love the way we can use social media to benefit our clients. They are platforms that are fun, interactive and easily accessible for almost all consumers.  

But there has always been a few issues around how it is working ethically with the data it is producing and also the content it is allowing to overshadow the more traditional forms that are slowly falling to the wayside.  Just recently the Australian Federal Government directed the ACCC to commence an enquiry into digital platforms – especially Facebook and Google.

ACCC On The Witch Hunt! With advertising expenditure in print newspapers declining over recent years, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission will step in to see how these digital platforms effect media and advertising service markets. This couldn’t have come at a better time. Although we love using these platforms and creating the amazing content to capture the eyeballs of your clients we also want to make sure that what we are putting in front of them is being regulated properly by these social media heavy weights. We hope that this enquiry allows the transparency of this information for all eyes to see! To read more into this click here…

Blink & You Will Miss It! As we reflect on the good, the bad and the ugly for 2017 in the world of social media, we came across this great article highlighting some of the biggest platform changes that shook social media in 2017! To find out some of the developments we’ve had in social media and what we could possibly expect in 2018 click here!

Best GIFs of 2017 It’s impossible to deny that GIFs have become an essential part of the Internet! We have been reporting on them all year and encourage everyone to use them in the marketing strategies as an extra form of media to catch eyeballs! This year the main database for gifs, GIPHY, added a much needed view counter which allowed users to see just how viral a GIF went.  A crowd favourite in the m4m office – we can’t go past number 25! Click here to see the full suite!

And that’s a Spotify WRAP! We have cut some sick beats in the m4m office this year! And we all know how easy it is to discover some great music on Spotify, but it can be equally easy to forget some of your favourite tunes you may have listened to throughout the year. Thankfully Spotify won’t let that happen with their Wrapped feature which takes you through your year in music naming some of your favourite artists and songs. A great marketing gimmick as well as curation of your fav songs from the year! Check out our office DJ, AG’s Spotify Wrap above (Don’t judge like we did!Click here to find out your Spotify stats!

For the LOVE of Instagram This year it’s been clear that Instagram has been ramping up its battle with Snapchat. As one of our favourite social platforms in the m4m office, we’ve seen several updates on the app that helped us with advertising, company growth and income for our clients. Click here for the round up of the latest Instagram updates that you should definitely be in the know about by now!

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