The Social Culture-Issue #7

You can’t deny the power of social media. In the last two weeks we have seen the Marriage Equality fight come to your via social media real time. How did you find out about the way Australia voted? In the made4media office we watched it live via Channel 9 on Facebook, and so did 338, 000 other people. That was only Channel 9’s Facebook live coverage numbers, this doesn’t include the rest of the networks and their live coverage.

Where Is The Social At? Lets talk about the Queensland Election campaign. Within the first 8 hours of the Election announcement there were 1700 tweets relating back to the hashtag #qldvotes- it now has over 10k and counting! But PLEASE EXPLAIN this..Where are all of the social media adverts for our political leaders? It’s getting complicated for our pollies now as they go into elections. They have more to think about when it comes to their strategies. Where are they going to be able to capture most of their audience? SOCIAL MEDIA…yet we at made4media can’t see any epic social media adverts created or anything ground breaking to get people on their side. Only funny gifs and meme’s we have seen are made by other.Don’t play the boring game like the pollies and doing and get left behind. Stand out from the crowd and your competitors and create a social campaign that will capture your audience with the made4media team. Chat to us today!

Heck Yes To The GIF!  Who doesn’t love a GIF? They aren’t the new kids on the block but heck they are currently everywhere when you open your social media platforms of emails that are flowing into your inbox! If you didn’t already know (we didn’t) Gif is an acronym for Graphics Interchange Format which was introduced back in 1987. The Internet quickly embraced the Gif and 30 years later even marketers have found benefits of using them in their strategies. You can easily search or create gif’s using a database called Giphy and share them to your audience. Click here to read more about how you can use them in your marketing and social strategies. 

Getting Shady With Snapchat Almost a year ago Snapchat announced Spectacles, their high-tech sunglasses that can record videos.  Burger King and Sainsbury’s are the first to create a Snapchat ad using these nifty glasses. The short videos were shot on a 115-degree circular format from a first-person point of view and enabled Snapchat users to rotate their phones to see different views of the ad. The ads were recently released on Snapchat with Burger King’s ad launch coinciding with National Cheeseburger Day. Clever and weird all in one, read more here

Great Scott! We’re Already In The Future! 
Even though we saw Marty McFly deal with holograms back in the 1985 release of Back To The Future, did we ever think it was just around the corner? Gen Z are going to be making something BIG in the very near future. They were born into the world of digital and are growing up under the influence of our social media marketing. The new generation, Gen Z, has shown a keen interest in storytelling and narratives, specifically through social media. With the current exploration in holographic content for social media marketing it is only a matter of time before we see this aspect jumping out of our screens. Click here to find out more about interactive holograms and what it might mean for social media marketing!

Because 24 Hours Wasn’t Enough
It is becoming more and more like Snapchat however no one is complaining. Instagram’s latest updates with regards to their Instagram Stories is nothing to be cranky about. In fact they’re giving us more and more opportunities to use this social tool to the best of our marketing ability and we will take everything they’ve got! Now with the ability to upload photos older than 24 hours old we can start using their instant video capacity to our advantage from a marketing perspective. Read more about the update here and start using this for your business today. 

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