The Social Culture-Issue #6

How social media is used in the world always continues to amaze. Watching the unfolding of Lisa Wilkinson’s resignation from Channel 9 via twitter on Monday night confirmed that social media is the way of the future. No longer do we need to wait for a television statement or a newspaper article, it is now tweeted, updated on Facebook or posted on Instagram in real time. Which means that in a matter of minutes we knew that Channel 9 had lost a morning show co-host and Channel 10 had a gained an evening show anchor. 

Controversial? Yes, and we got to watch it all in real time!  Another message within Lisa’s resignation saw a couple of long standing hashtags used  #equalpay  and  #genderequality which created conversation within the social media world and saw some strong messages re-presented on the world stage. This week ‘Girls Run The World’ and we say a big thank you to social media for giving everyone and every cause a platform!

Go On A Break Without Breaking Up!   

We’ve all got that one friend who constantly shares way too much information about their life. Or that business that continuously shows up on your Facebook feed. Apparently Facebook has a solution to your frustration! At the moment they are testing a ‘snooze’ feature allowing you to temporarily unfollow a person or a page. That’s right you don’t need to feel guilty anymore by permanently unfollowing that annoying person and never seeing what they’re sharing on Facebook ever again! You can choose to unfollow them for 24 hours, a week or even a month. For more information on what this ‘snooze’ button may mean for you or your business click here

Hashtag For A Purpose 

Hashtags are such a massive part of the online world. It is unlikely you’ll find someone who doesn’t use one in their social media posts on any platform. In fact due to its worldwide use it was added to the Oxford dictionary in 2010 and the Scrabble dictionary in 2014! Even though most people seem to know what they are, many people don’t understand how to use them effectively. Click here to find out six simple ways you can use hashtags in your social media strategy! 

The Hot Topics On The Digital Circuit 

Digital trends are something we must always stay on top of in our fast paced world.  With so much change in the world making sure you are reading about what is happening will keep you on top of knowing the lingo! At the moment there is a huge spotlight on digital transparency and measurability with the big two – Google & Facebook. Companies are wanting the reassurance that when they are spending money to have an advert on Google or Facebook, Google & Facebook can then ensure that the advert is 100% in view of the audience they are targeting. At the moment, these companies won’t confirm or deny or hand over the proof to measure this.  This is a hot topic which is something to keep your eyes on! To read more about the top 5 digital trends doing the rounds at conferences this year click here.

Instagram Has New Shiny Things 

Been smacked in the face with a few POLLS on Instagram Stories in the last week? Don’t worry, we were too! Instagram is making things a little more interactive by allowing users to add a poll sticker to their stories. Adding polls is similar to adding any other sticker on Instagram where you can ask your audience anything from what outfit you should wear to what food you should make for dinner. People viewing your stories can tap on a choice to vote and Instagram will then show you the overall results from your friends. For more information on Instagram’s latest update and creative tools click here!

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