The Social Culture-Issue #5

From Instagram updates to Facebook upgrades you’re more than likely getting sick of all the new things happening on your smartphone devices and apps! We are just as busy as you are updating ourselves so don’t stress about having to know everything. That is why we are around to help! Book in with us for a private one-on-one session or look out for our next workshops!

The Blue Tick of Approval
You’ve probably seen that little blue tick next to your favourite (or not so favourite *Donald Trump*) celebrity or influencers Instagram page. This is a verification badge and means that the account is an authentic representation of the person behind it. It’s not difficult for celebs to gain the little blue tick next to their name however for small businesses it’s a different story. Click here for a few tips on how your business can achieve the blue tick.

Pixels like you’ve never seen them!
Usually pixels mean a criminals face washed out on your local news channel, however if you’re using Facebook advertisements or plan to use them in the future there’s one key tool that you should use to get the most out of your advertising campaign; Facebook Pixel. A Facebook Pixel is a code you place on your website that helps you track conversions from your Facebook ads. When someone visits your website and makes a purchase, the Facebook pixel is triggered and reports this action in your Facebook Insights section. You will then know when a customer takes action and can reach that customer again through future Facebook ads. It sounds wishy washy, however it isn’t as hard as it sounds! To read this fast, easy guide to Facebook Pixels and how to install them click here

Twitter just put on weight! 
The tweets in your timeline are about to double in size! Twitter has just recently announced that its character limit will jump from 140 to 280, giving users the ability to express their opinions or simply give a longer life update to their followers. To find out more on how this new Twitter update will change your timeline click here!

From a tech flaw, brilliance is created! 
We love a bit of creativity in the world and when it is mixed with social media we love it even more! An Irish Indie rock band, The Academic, recorded a music video for their single ‘Bear Claws’ using a never seen before loop pedal; Facebook live. As you may or may not know Facebook live isn’t exactly streamed live with videos being delayed a few seconds. The Academic decided to use this to their advantage and looped their own voices into the track. Check out their amazingly creative video here!

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