The Social Culture-Issue #4

Happy Thursday to you! No doubt you are just about to grab yourself your second cup of coffee of the morning to help you through the day.  Well before you settle into your days work, let us enlighten you on what has been happening in the social media scene while you have been busy working away. Enjoy your fortnightly curation of interesting articles we have found for you over that big cup of coffee!

A disaster helped us understand Snapchat’s map! 

Is Snapchat becoming the latest news channel? One of Snapchat’s latest feature allows you to share your location with your friends and view their location on your map…kinda creepy we know! You can also add your snaps to be posted on the map for the public to see based on the location they were posted. This new feature not only allows you to spy on your friends but allows you to tune into real world events that are going on. Click hereto discover how Snapchat’s Map feature allowed many users around the world a real-time glimpse at the flooding in Houston, USA. 

Social is being it’s own influencer… 

We probably sound like a broken record but we will repeat it again, if you’re not on social media you should really reconsider otherwise you may miss out on crucial opportunities for your business! New research has just revealed that social media has a positive influence for most companies, with Facebook the most popular site for business to customer (B2C) companies.  To learn more about how your company can benefit from social media click here to read more and give us a call! 

Get by with a little help from your friends!  

One of the biggest keys to making the most out of social media is listening to what your audience has to say about you, your competitors and the market in general. It is also really important to be organised! One of the ways we can do this is by using monitoring software. These monitoring tools allow you to personalise content to specific users, identify potential influencers for your business and respond to positive and negative mentions and also schedule. If you’re a social media rookie these monitoring tools might come in handy for improving your social marketing strategy. Click here to view the full list!! 

But first.. let me take a selfie

All of last week the Internet was buzzing over Apple’s debut of the iPhone 8, with the biggest news being that an iPhone X would be released. With edge to edge display, no home button, wireless charging and an almost terrifying facial recognition technology this iPhone is definitely one that we aren’t used to. This iPhone also puts selfie taking onto another level, with a portrait mode available for the front facing camera and a lighting feature that allows users to choose different modes of lighting. With the most famous selfie (above) taken on a Samsung it will be interesting to see if this new iPhone will become the next big thing! Oh but did we mention that it costs a whopping $1579 in Australia!! However the price tag didn’t stop selfie lovers from containing their excitement all over the Internet in anticipation for its release in November. Click here to see how the iPhone X is perfectly designed for a generation of selfie takers.

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