The Social Culture-Issue #3

We hope we are preaching to the converted here, but let’s talk about the serious stuff because we ain’t joking around. If you aren’t on Social Media you’re in a lot of trouble. GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND! Don’t get left behind learn now about  the future of digital in your life. Everything is going digital, photo albums, credit cards, banking, groceries. I mean, taking your temperature via the back of your grandma’s hand doesn’t cut it anymore, you use a DIGITAL thermometer!

This Ain’t No Joke! 

Don’t just sit there, give us a call today to talk all things social and digital media. We love a good joke, but don’t let your business turn into the joke when you realise you missed the social media boat… 

Look What You Made Her Do! 

Whether you love her or hate her you have to admit Taylor Swift sure knows how to get the Internet talking about her. On August 18th, pop star Taylor Swift suddenly vanished online deleting ALL posts over her social media accounts. This sparked an online frenzy from fans on the Internet and social media to discover answers behind the pop star’s social media black out. Over a few days Swift teased her return with clips of creepy snakes striking at the screen, leaving the Internet buzzing with theories on what this could all mean. This article on Social Media Today takes you through how to stage your own reinvention, whether it be personal or business… 

So T R E N D Y right now! 

Hello…in case you didn’t already know social media is one of the biggest industries in the modern world and it is WAY trendier than this guys fake glasses and moustache! Due to their constant updates from users, social media platforms continue to grow in popularity, showing no signs of slowing down! No longer limited to younger generations, social media has become popular across all age demographics including Baby Boomers and Gen Xer’s – which we discussed in the last issue. With the growing popularity it’s important to keep an eye on the trends to stay in front of competition. Click here to find out five of the latest trends that have dominated 2017 so far and will only keep evolving into 2018. 

You’re Not Insane, Facebook Had A Facelift! 

Surprise! No you aren’t going insane! Within the last 12 hours Facebook changed it up, and to be honest it isn’t a HUGE change, yet from a design perspective it looks different and you will feel a little bit weird when you look at it for the first time because the usual 3 hours a day spent on the social media platform now has to adjust to something new. It actually makes the screen you are using the platform on seem wider in appearance so definitely NOT a negative in any sense.  If you haven’t seen the changes, head into your apps section on your phone and update your Facebook App or sign in on your desktop to check it out. We can’t wait to explore what else is behind the update! Click here for the list of changes! 

Rehab is just around the corner

Addiction is a serious topic and when it comes to drugs, sex, alcohol we all think of the worst. How about the drugs we are putting into the hands of babes? Smart phones! A recent study by Common Sense Media found that 59% of parents felt their child was addicted to their smartphone device, 50% of teens feel they are addicted and 27% of parents say they are addicted to their smartphones themselves. Once again readers…if you can’t beat them join them! Don’t dig your head in the sand and ignore the beauty that is social and digital media, just make sure you take a holiday every now and then! Read more of the interesting article and enlighten your own children on the addiction they could be facing…or already have! 

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