The Social Culture-Issue #2

Everyone is different. We all like different things. However when it comes to the content we read and take in everyday, the¬†way we like to enjoy these things is usually related back to our generational age. We like to think our made4media office is ageless as we don’t generally refer to anyones age because to us, it doesn’t matter. However, when it comes to the way we strategically put together our social and digital strategies there is a big difference in how we target each demographic.

The Generation Segregation…

A quick snapshot into our generational breakdown usually includes the below…

Baby Boomers (1946-1964) who use Facebook, read high quality content around reviews, blog articles. They enjoy slow paced videos that contain visual instructions, they love reading emails and they are avid users of coupons! 

Gen-Xer’s (1965-1980) can be targeted on Facebook more so than the Baby Boomers’s as there are more of them using the platform. They can also be targeted via digital video, either online or downloadable, email marketing as they are the most likely generation to check their email, blog content that educates and Twitter as they appreciate real time news.

Millennials (1981-1999) are pretty straight forward – they’re on all social media not just focused on Facebook & you can see them regularly on Instagram stories & Snapchat.  Mobile & SMS marketing is a big tool used as they are never without a mobile phone in their hand. Video marketing, which also includes their habits on Snapchat & user generated content such as blogs, chats, tweets, audio – anything that is a good way of grabbing their eyeballs!

Gen-Zer’s (2000-now) you name it, these guys use it, watch it and play it. We’re talking quizzes, social media, short videos, memes & imagery. Actually literally anything that might be associated with visual stimulation! They are calculated with their choices, however the choices they are presented with are limitless!

Through our social and digital expertise at made4media we know who we are talking to and who needs to see your brand/product as we do the research into making sure you are in front of the right target audience. 

Flying Internet Drones…heck! 

For those of you who didn’t already know, Facebook are not only into social media and connecting people, they’re currently trialling drones that provide internet to those who don’t have access. I am not talking about those suburbs out there in greater Brisbane who might have dodgy access or are still waiting for their NBN, I am talking about flying drones over the likes of Africa so people are able to access internet and then OBVIOUSLY sign up to a Facebook account. A quick statistic for you, only 13.5% of Africa’s population has access to internet, crazy considering 78.9% of Australians have access to the internet! This is clever, scary and brilliant all in one idea! Facebook released a statement recently saying their latest test flight was highly successful. Read more about this crazy idea here!

C H E A P  F A K E S…

Last issue we spoke about Influencers and what they do. In the m4m office we are sick of calling them capital ‘I’ Influencers. Everyone in this world is an influencer, we influence our children, family and friends. What makes these people so different to either one of us? We thought about calling them Mavens, but then not all of them are experts in their field, some of them are fakes and don’t actually have any expertise in what they talk about, just pretty picture and a passion for free things. A US marketing agency recently set up a fake Instagram account, purchased a bunch of followers for less than $400 AUD and then secured a couple of brand ambassador roles for these fake accounts…Moral of the story, if you are a brand, vet your ‘influencers’ & do your due diligence before contracting them! More on this clever fraudulent activity here..

Social Media RULES…

We like to think that social media is exactly that, social. It’s a personal account in which you can express your opinions, join particular groups and discuss things with family and friends with some great debates and never break workplace rules. WRONG. Many work places these days have social media policies of which are incorporated into employees contracts, however some don’t. If you are a company owner and don’t have this I would suggest you do. Having access to your companies Facebook page is a privilege. This means your employer puts full trust into you and how you will portray the company voice on the platform. Let’s not forget that there are 1 billion people on Facebook, imagine if someone said something bad on behalf of your company, it would take a long time to crawl out of that hole! In saying that, I do think there are times when companies take it too far and make rules that say you can’t like particular pages on Facebook or be involved in certain groups. In saying that, new rules have just been released for Australian Public Servants and there are a lot of people blowing up! (read more here) The rise of workplace rules on social media is evolving very quickly so make sure you double check what rules you have signed before you start liking that page on inappropriate Bachelor Memes!

Get Sassy with Creative Content! 

We love seeing social content being created with a bit of wit and flair! The City of Sydney threw some sass Melbourne’s way last week when The City of Melbourne’s social presence on twitter spruik about being awarded the worlds most liveable city in the world. This then saw The City Of Sydney through their clever wit, bite back at Melbourne by creating a playlist on Spotify and sharing it with them.  The beauty of creative flair and quick wit can be the make or break of social content and the share-ability of campaign content. Also the use of realtime news jacking is something that, if done well, can draw the spotlight onto you and your product. Commentating on and getting your brand/business involved in real time news, the latest fads & organic topics shows that you’re up to date and in touch with the real world! When we build our social media strategies we always leave one post a week open for any raw material that may be relevant to the business we are working with. This allows organic reach & news to be involved into their weekly posts keeping them relevant to everyday topics! See more of this hilarious here!

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