Made4media is excited to announce the big move to NYC. After years of procrastinating we have decided to just do what we want and move to the concrete jungle…just kidding, we’re just showing you what fake news is! And boy have we all seen and heard some good stuff over the years. The US Election saw some crackers: Yoko Ono & Hilary Clinton having an affair back in the 70’s, Donald Trump suffering a heart attack from fake tanning fumes… (jokes, we made that one up).

Facebook has seen some of the most ridiculous fake news circle the planet thanks to the viral nature it can harbour! Fake news has been the topic of discussion since the results of the last US presidential election, which was believed to have been impacted due to fake news. Thanks to Mr Trump and his constant paranoia and accusations directed at the media, in they eye of the public, we are all getting confused on whether we are being either informed or misinformed. Wow who do you trust?
Don’t get us wrong we love Facebook and it doesn’t actively contribute to disseminating fake news, people just take advantage of the way Facebook works and use the service to spread fake news! However fear not…fake news is on the out with Facebook looking to curb the spread of fake news! 
Facebook has developed a tool that is currently being trialled in 14 countries throughout the world, which will help stop the spread of fake news. This tool will be located at the top of the news feed. (as per image) Facebook won’t interfere directly, but it will try to prevent fake news from going viral by informing Facebook users how to avoid fake news by making it harder for the creator to make money of the vitality of their story.

So there we have it guys and gals, no more fake news stories going viral… well except for the brilliant old school scenario of Orson Welles’ radio broadcast on 30th of October 1939 of War of the Worlds which saw the world thinking we were being invaded by aliens… That is quite brilliant really and a part of our history!
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