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With social media platforms and the digital world changing every day it’s hard to keep up with what is going on! Fear not, made4media presents to you THE SOCIAL CULTURE. We will be discussing, curating and providing you with all of the most updated relevant information on what is happening in the social media/digital work we live in from some of the most trusted news sources around. Social media isn’t going anywhere so get your head out of the sand, sign up to our monthly newsletters and become part of The Social Culture! Your morning coffee is a strategy, if you don’t have one prior to 9am you know you are going to walk into the office not ready to work full steam ahead, the printer is going to jam and you are probably going to snap! You know why, because you didn’t have your strategic morning coffee! Everything in life has a strategy, from sport to business to life. We all have a reason for doing what we do, otherwise why are we doing it? 

But first, coffee..

The same goes for your business’s social media. If we had a dollar for the amount of times we hear clients say, ‘Oh I just posted it on Facebook, not sure why, just thought it looked pretty!’ we would be living in the Bahama’s with butlers serving us PiƱa colada’s! (Well that is what we would choose to spend our money on!) Just because SOCIAL media has the word SOCIAL in it doesn’t mean as a business you just do it ad-hoc when you feel like it, that is what you do when you’re posting about your latest jealousy inducing food picture on your personal Facebook page!   All areas of your business have a strategy developed specifically for the areas you are concentrating on and with over 1.9 billion people on Facebook as of May 2017, the need for having a strategy on the campaigns and content you are rolling out is needed more so now than ever. Developing strategy in the made4media office is something we do across all elements of the Marketing & Digital industry and Social Strategies are something we encourage for all businesses looking to increase their social presence! That strategic morning coffee is just as important as you social media strategy! We open our arms to anyone wanting to chat social media strategy, do it properly or don’t bother – we got you!

Oh Hey Instagram Stories! So Glad You Joined Us!

Ah…Instagram, the platform which has a culture of kindness! Instagram is going great guns in the world of social media! There isn’t one of you out there that wouldn’t be watching their Instagram stories! It’s placed perfectly in the Instagram interface and literally yells look at me before you start scrolling through! If you’re a small business and you aren’t using Instagram Stories, get on this now! Best piece of video content you can do from your own office… Read more about what is to come for Instagram Stories and also what has been developed since its birth!

What Rhymes With Influencer?

Schminfluencer? Seriously this word is being thrown around WAY too much for our liking at the moment. But here is the thing world… they actually are important and can help your brand more so than some of your advertising money you are spending in the world! In the made4media office we are looking at giving them another name, we aren’t sure what just yet. We are just sick of hearing the word INFLUENCER! In the meantime the importance of what they can do for you and your business is what you need to know. We work with influencers a lot for our clients and the benefits they can bring to a campaign is actually extraordinary! The thing is you need to know what you are doing to make sure you are getting the most out of your money spent with them or your time putting into the campaigns. We found this article really helpful when connecting with influencers for your next campaign! Finding the right influencer is key to making your campaign the best yet! These guys now the deal, click here to read more! 

Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife…

Once again we are faced with an app that dangers our kids! The app Sarahah is becoming the next level of ask.fm – only this time it is on steroids and allows itself to be web linked on other apps such as SNAPCHAT so this is less traceable for you as parents! About the app: it allows you to ask anonymous questions to the user – which in most cases are questions you don’t want to hear or answer… so thanks Sarahah for opening the bullying flood gates again. Read more about how you need to hide your kids here!

See Ya Selfie Stick! 

A flying selfie camera? We won’t say no! The amount of times we have had issues with extending an arm and trying to fit everyone in a group shot is now over. We are now moving into the dimension of handsfree flying items.  The good news is the old selfie stick that has since been banned from concerts has a competitor in the flying selfie camera! So watch out Beyonce – at your next concert we are going to be getting some good selfie shots! Read more here.

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