Very high on my love lists are sunglasses and social media. (n.b. my very first pay check at 14 years old was spent on a lay-by for Gucci tortoiseshell Jackie ‘O’ framed sunglasses of which I still have ready to bring out when they turn vintage). And to hear that Snapchat is dropping SPECTACLES into the social media sphere, in one of the most epic marketing campaigns I have seen in a long while excites me to the moon and back!

Ok, what you need to know…

Snapchat has announced Spectacles which is a hardware and the very first hardware product for the company.

The Snapchat “Spectacles” are able to record a 10-second video snipper, and will release at a price-point of $129.99 USD. The glasses feature a single button that will begin recording through a wide angle 115 degree lens, which imitates a person”s natural field of vision! It freaks me out but excites me all in one go!

Mediakix put together the below info graphic which is not only really pretty but explains exactly what these Spectacles are and how you get your mitts on a pair… if you live in the USA.

Keep a look out on the Spectacles website as they’re dropping their ‘BOTS’ (vending machines) around the world… apparently. No doubt this means Sydney for Australia.

xoxo social media queen

FOOT NOTE: You’re not guaranteed to look as hot as the models they have wearing the #Spectacles – this should be a buyers warning.

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