The Social Culture-Issue #10

When it comes to social media there are so many things that get thrown around with regards to what is the most important to know, follow or post. In the made4media office we sat down and had a chat about what we think are the top 3 most important things that you should know to create the best social media opportunities for your business.

What you should know…

#1-Social media isn’t a walk in the park, it’s a hike up Kilimanjaro!

Social media is about a strategy, you can’t just do it without a plan and then expect to have the followers, gain traction, sell more product, generate leads, etc. Nothing happens without a plan in social media. It takes time and a strategy, and strategy isn’t always easy. You don’t build a house without a plan, you can’t build your social media presence without a strategy. 

#2- Social marketing is visual

Don’t just write a sentence and post it, that’s boring! No one is going to read it without a video or a picture. Video content is easy to do with so many apps and programs to help you out these days. Same with photos, where ever you are take a photo of something interests you on your phone, you never know when that picture could be used later down the track to help with a social post. 

#3-Keep ego in mind when creating content

Social media for business is about community. With so many people on social media in the world the only way you are going to capture their attention is if it is about them. Create community content that engages your clients/customers/followers, which then interests them to share, which then gets our business in front of more eyes! 

Social Media Turns Up The Creepy Meter

The girl above is from the movie UNFRIENDED about social media stalking. It was out of the ordinary and seemed ridiculous at the time of release and then Instagram stepped up the creeps again! Some people are a little creeped out at Instagram’s latest update that lets your followers know when you were last active. The status shows up in Instagram’s direct messages, underneaths the usernames of the people you have previously chatted with, You can also tell when someone has “seen” your message similar to Facebook’s messenger. If you don’t feel like replying to your friends after seeing a message, the good news is, you can easily turn off this setting. Click here to find out how you can hide your “active” status.

It’s Safest in Germany 

Germany has taken on an important role to combat the worst of abuse on social media and has been labelled as the safest social media space in the world. Enforcement laws in Germany saw the removal of hate speech, fake news and illegal material on multiple social media sites. If the negative statuses in your timeline are bringing you down you can easily relocate yourself into Germany’s hate free social media world, click here to find out more.

Facebook Ditched for Instagram 

Facebook has recently announced that it will change its news feed algorithm to prioritise content from family and friends over content from businesses and brands. Say goodbye to the never ending sponsored posts from brands you’ve never heard of and say hello to more personal posts from your family and friends. But what does this mean for marketers? With these new changes, Instagram is likely to become the new home for brands with many benefits already being seen for major brands. Click here to find out why Instagram is the place to be for your brand.

Facebook Tips that We Loved! 

Speaking of Facebook, we thought it would be appropriate to share some of the best tips and tricks that every Facebook user should know. Whether you’re a social media guru or a Facebook newbie click here to learn everything from hiding people you don’t want to see on your timeline to managing notifications!

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