The Social Culture-Issue #26

September saw social platforms announce some exciting tools including Facebook’s new interactive ads, and Insta’s new product tags that will be very useful for product launches! Speaking of Insta, the social platform just created an account specifically for content creators and influencers, which is definitely one to add to your following list, as they will be releasing helpful tips and insights on how to grow your channel. It’s not just for influencers, social media marketers should jump on board too in order to stay ahead of the trends and upcoming changes. Continue reading below for the top updates in social that you should know!

Facebook Launches New Interactive Ads

Facebook has announced their new ad formats including video polls and the expansion of AR ads. Polls are a great way to interact with your audience, and encourage them to tag their friends and family to participate increases the reach of your post. Definitely one to keep in mind for your social advertising strategy! Another cool ad option is Facebook’s AR feature, which is currently being tested with select make-up brands in the US. In these ads, users are able to “try on” a makeup product through their phone camera to see what it would look like on. Although it is only used by makeup brands at the moment, it will be interesting to see whether these tools expand into different industries to help showcase what variations or products would look like in real life. For more info on Facebook new ad options, click here!

Listen Up Insta Creators – This New Account Is For You

Attention all Insta content creators and influencers! Instagram has just released a new account called, ‘creators’, which shares helpful tips and tricks for growing your account. Heads up, the account specifically notes that it cannot help you get that blue tick of verification and also notes that the chronological feed won’t be coming back anytime soon! If you’re an influencer or social media marketer you should definitely give them a follow to stay on top of your Insta game. For more info on Instagram’s new account, click here

Instagram Releases New Product Tags To Help You Shop Easier On The App

This month, Instagram has confirmed it is experimenting with increasing ad volumes in Stories to learn how people and advertisers respond! The test will involve running ads from two different advertisers back-to-back within a Story to a small group of users. All advertisers are eligible to be part of the test. While this allows more ads to be shown there is the potential for ad fatigue by users if back to back story ads become a regular experience on the platform. This means it is more important than ever for your brand to be creative in your content and capture your audience’s attention within the first five seconds in order to stand out from the rest. For more info, click here

Facebook Is Saying Cya Later To Likes

Facebook is jumping on the bandwagon of getting rid of Likes, following Instagram who removed them back in July. While they haven’t been officially removed yet, Zuckerberg and co have quietly planted a “likes-hiding” code in Facebook’s Android app. If and when it comes into play, Facebook users will still be able to see who has reacted to the post, but will no longer see the total number of people who have reacted. For most marketers, Facebook’s Like hiding tests have been well received, however some influencers have not been fans of the change. One thing for sure is that removing likes has forced content creators to look at the quality of content their creating and allows for them to produce content that they want to make rather than content that will simply generate Likes. Click here to read more about the effects of social platforms removing Likes.

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