The Social Culture-Issue #16

Social media is constantly getting updated so you should be too! We’ve compiled the top 5 highlights and updates happening on social media across different platforms that we think you should know about. Click the button below to find out some of the top 5 social media updates that occurred in October!

The top Instagram updates of 2018! 

Instagram has seen a lot of updates and new tools appear on the app this past year, with some of our favourites including the new Q&A features and IGTV! With lots of new features that can help get your engagement rates up, along with steps towards eCommerce, Instagram isn’t a platform you should be ignoring in 2019. Click here to check out some of the most important Instagram updates that have been added in 2018!

Facebook says no to low quality ads

Facebook has announced a new set of restrictions and increased penalties for brands that publish low quality ads on the platform. If you don’t already put effort into creating your ads then now is the time to! You may be thinking, what qualifies as a low quality ad? Facebook has provided three examples of the types of ads that will see your brand getting a black cross next to its name. These include; engagement ‘bait posts’ that encourage people to ‘like and share’ your ad onto their profile. Ads that withhold information in the caption and lastly, ads that are clickbait will also run the risk of being pulled down by Facebook. If you believe your business is running these ads, it’s time to rethink the types of ads you are posting so you don’t receive the penalties that the platform will soon be enforcing. Click here to find out more information about Facebook’s new restrictions!

Snapchat launches new video series

Snapchat is going up against Netflix, Stan and YouTube by streaming a series of original video content onto the platform. This month Snapchat has unveiled its first collection of Snap Originals, which include scripted drama, comedy and documentaries produced specifically for the platform. However, Snapchat has added a twist to their video series by incorporating augmented reality experiences into the shows. When prompted during a series viewers can swipe up to unlock an AR portal to a scene from the show. This is definitely an interesting step for the platform, and we are excited to see the type of content they will be releasing over the coming months! Click here to find out more information on Snapchat’s new video series.

Pinterest amps up its shopping features

This month Pinterest has made it a lot easier for you to shop on the platform. Pinterest is now making millions of pins more shoppable with links that go directly to the retailer’s product page. These new product pin’s will include current pricing and whether the item is in stock. This new update is great for retailers and if your business isn’t on the platform you should be seriously considering it! For more information on Pinterest’s new shopping features click here.

What Facebook’s new video calling device can and can’t do!

Facebook has joined the likes of Google Home and Amazon Alexa, introducing an in-home video calling device that allows you to video call your Facebook friends. There have been some privacy concerns surrounding the social media giant’s new device with many people not liking the idea of adding a microphone and camera to their kitchen. However, Facebook assures consumers that the device won’t be collecting your data to create targeted ads to your Portal screen, and they won’t be recording your calls. They’ve also made the device come with a cap for the camera lens and a button to easily turn off the microphone and camera. If you’re skeptical about Facebook’s new device then click here to read all about what it can and can’t do!

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