The Social Culture-Issue #15

It’s been a busy month in the social media world, which means it can be hard to keep up. Don’t worry we’ve got your back and have compiled some of the latest updates and trends happening in social media. To Pinterest becoming a key platform in your social media strategy to a new way of hashtagging your posts on Instagram, we cover it all! Continue reading to find out more and sign up to the Social Culture today!

Say goodbye to overhashtagging in your Instagram captions!

Those days where you try to sneakily hide your long list of hashtags in your comment section may soon be over! Instagram appears to be testing a new feature that allows you to add hashtags in your post outside of the main caption. This new feature will be great for businesses or users who don’t like the current spammy look of having 30 hashtags displayed in their caption. It could be an easy way of getting your content out there to the right audience without ruining the aesthetic of your Instagram post. For more info on this new feature that Instagram may soon roll out click here!

4 Social Media Metrics you should be tracking

We understand that social media can be frustrating at times when you’re not seeing the results you’d like. You can see over 100 likes on one post and then 3 likes on another. While it can be very frustrating it’s important to not give up on your social media strategy and be consistent. It’s equally as important to track and monitor your posts to determine what content is working and what content should be ditched. Click here to find out the top 4 social media metrics you should be tracking!

Shop straight from your Instagram!

If you didn’t already know, Instagram has recently introduced a dedicated shopping channel to its explore page. The new shopping channel shows you shopping-tagged posts from businesses you follow and from ones you might like based on the posts you’ve liked and engaged with. Many Insta users may now find themselves discovering products and buying them within just a few clicks. This is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to increase their sales and followers. Click here to find out what your business needs to know about Instagram’s new shopping channel!

It’s time to add Pinterest to your social strategy!

 Pinterest can be easily forgotten when it comes to choosing social media platforms to market your business on and we’ll be honest, we’re certainly guilty! However the fast growing platform shouldn’t be forgotten when it comes to showcasing your brand and creative ideas. 98% of Pinterest users report trying new things that they find on the platform, compared to only 71% across other social media platforms. With Pinterest clearly on the rise and evidence to suggest that it may have a higher success rate than other social media platforms, it’s a good idea to consider using it in your businesses social strategy. Learn more about the benefits of Pinterest here and check out some of the top trends coming up for the rest of 2018 here!

Instagram just made getting verified a whole lot easier!

If you think your account is worthy of receiving the blue tick, then you’re in luck as Instagram has made the process a lot easier with their new verification request feature. You can make a request in the settings section of your account and only requires you to submit a photo of your ID. This feature has already been tested in Australia for a couple of months now, but Instagram has just announced that it will now be available worldwide. Instagram is also amping up it’s security in an attempt to catch misleading or fake accounts by rolling out an “about this account” feature. This new feature will be shown on Instagram accounts with large followings and will show when the account first joined Instagram, the country they’re located in, any past username changes and any ads that the account runs. Click here to find out more about Instagram’s latest updates!

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