The Social Culture-Issue #14

It’s that time of the month again where we roundup the latest and greatest social media news happening in the industry! From a creative new way to interact with your followers on Instagram stories to Augmented Reality appearing more and more on our Facebook newsfeed, we discuss it all.

Online Shopping is about to get a little easier thanks to Facebook! 

Facebook is cranking up its AR game by allowing users to virtually try on products like makeup and sunglasses directly from your news feed. Once this feature hits the app, you will be able to ‘try on’ products that are advertised through a process similar to that of a Snapchat filter. Instead of just showing you products in a normal advertisement, Facebook uses your phone’s front camera and augmented reality tech to put products such as sunglasses or lipstick on your face! For more information on how your Facebook news feed could be your new fitting room, click here.

Snapchat launches its first speech recognition filter 

We’ve previously talked about Snapchat’s ability to change filters according to sound but now the app has just announced that new lenses are coming that can react to speech! The new lenses can reportedly respond to words such as “hi”, “love”, “yes”, “no” and “wow”. Creative lenses like these seem to keep Snapchat users engaged and we are interested to see how advertisers might use these filters further down the track. Click here to discover how these new lenses work! 

6 Best Instagram analytics tools to gain followers

With over 1 billion active users on Instagram you are seriously missing out if your business isn’t on the platform! However with so many users on Instagram it can be tough to break through the clutter and engage your target audience, especially once starting out. For some extra help Instagram analytics can be a great way to determine whether your content is working and helping you grow followers. It’s an easy way to see what types of content perform well and what types of content you should probably ditch. To learn more about how you can grow your followers using Instagram analytics click here!

Instagram introduces Q&A to stories 

At the beginning of last month Instagram have released a fun way to interact with your followers. The app introduced a new twist on their already existing polling feature with a Q&A feature. The new Q&A sticker allows your friends to submit questions for you to answer in your Insta story. Users can choose which questions they want on their story with the person who asked the question remaining anonymous. Here at m4m, we’ve had a lot of fun trying out this new feature and are happy to say it’s been a hit. Every Tuesday we let out followers ask one member of our team any question they like! It’s been a great way for our followers to interact and get to know us a bit better. For more info on the Q&A feature click here and don’t forget to check out our Instagram to see how we have been embracing this cool new tool!

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